Limit Outstanding Packets?

Will doing anything to this on my laptop increase the speed of my internet or host speed or upload speed. ?

3 Answers

  • No, tinkering with parameters you don't understand won't increase the perceived speed of anything on your computer. And no, limiting outstanding packets will only be a good idea in a time-critical system where you'd rather accept packet loss than wait for packets.

  • Limit Outstanding Packets

  • Legally your company CAN NOT interfere with your pay cheque to reclaim monies owed, you have to pay them yourself. That is the law. The only money an employer is allowed to deduct from your pay packet is money that has been sought through legal means via an attachment to earnings order and taxes. Even if you move and they take out an order, you will be found and you will incur charges so it is better you cough up now than later.

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