List of awesome Rin/Len Kagamine songs?

Anyone got a list of some really catchy/cute/sad/heartbreaking/whatever Rin/Len Vocaloid songs? It doesn’t matter if it’s just Len, just Rin or both, because I <3 the kagamine twins

13 Answers

  • • *Kokoro (Rin)

    •*Kokoro Keseki (Len; I don’t think their is a story, but I’d listen to Rin;s first)

    •*Kokoro/Kokoro Keseki (Rin and Len. If you’d like to listen to both, this is great. I think this one is better than the other two.)

    • Juvenile (Len and Rin)

    • *Meltdown (Rin)

    • *Prisoner (Len; VERY SAD, highly suggested)

    • *Paper Airplane (Listen to Prisoner first)

    • The Riddle Solver Who Won’t Solve Anything (Rin; Notice the ‘won’t’)

    • The Riddle Solver Who Can’t Solve Anything (Len; Notice the ‘can’t’)

    • Why Won’t You Call Me Yet? (Rin)

    • *Meltdown (Rin.)

    • *I Like You, I Love You (Rin. THIS IS KEYWETT!!!)

    • *Fear Garden (Rin. Creepy song.)

    • *The Evil Stores (Rin: Regret Message, Daughter of Evil Len: Servant of Evil, RE_Birthday)

    • *Gemini (Rin & Len)

    • Adolescence (Rin & Len)

    • Butterfly On Your Right Shoulder (Rin)

    • Butterfly On Your Right Shoulder (Len; same name. I like this one better~~~)

    • Dolls (Rin)

    • Gekokujou (Rin and Len)

    • Orphan (Rin. Sad, pretty sad)

    • Rin Rin Signal (Rin; Such a keywett song)

    • Trick and Treat (Rin and Len. …Interesting song)

    • Spice (Len; A very…Interesting song >.> XD)

    • Falling, Falling Snow (Len; sad)

    • Hot Cocoa (Len; good for those with homework problems XD)

    • World is Mine (Len; Miku has the original, but I like Len’s WAY better XD)

    • Uninstall (Rin; But listen to Len’s ‘Recycle first.)

    • Magnet (Rin and Len; Song of forbidden love XD)

    • Cantarella (Len; Reminds me of Adolescence.)

    • Cool Len’s Love Song (Len, It’s cool!!! XD)

    • Psychotic Len’s Love Song (Len; Psychotic I guess XD)

    • Clusmy Len’s Love Song (Len; ADORABLE, if you go on youtube, type in Len’s love song and it’ll show)

    • Discotheque Love (Len; I love this one!)

    • Fire Flower (Len; I LOVE THIS SONG!!!)

    • Imitation Black (Len KAITO Gakupo; Um for Shounen-ai fans XD)

    • Romeo and Cinderella (Len and Rin; Originally Miku’s, but I like their’s better)

    • Alice Human Sarifice (MEIKO, KAITO, Miku, and Len/Rin; creepy song)

    • Spinning Song (Len and rin; VERY SAD)

    Here’s a lot of Vocaloid songs. Hope you like the list 😀

  • Rin And Len Kagamine

  • Duets:

    Kaga Piyo

    It’s My Roadroller


    Rin Rin Signal



    Utopia Series: A New Millenium, Utopia and A Faint Wish (Len’s Unrelated Emergency is a side story)

    Evil Series: (probably the most popular one) Daughter of Evil, Servant of Evil and Regret Message (Re_birthday is from the Clockwork Lullaby series, it’s a series made by the same person as the evil series)

    Paper Plane series:

    Prisoner, Paper Plane and Divided, I’m pretty sure.


    Fire Flower

    Mischievous Function

    I Feel a Storm Coming!

    Kiseki (I’d watch Kokoro first)


    Cool Love Song (has a few other names)

    Prince of Evil (reversed version of Daughter of Evil. I believe there will be one for Sevant of Evil and Regret Message)



    Skeleton Life

    The Doll, Alice



    Robot Falling in Love

    That’s what I have on my iPod.

  • Rin And Len

  • kagamine rin

    -melt down



    -The Lost One’s Weeping

    -Nisoku Hokou

    -iro uta

    -tokyo teddy bear

    kagamine len



    -out of eden


    -My Everything, All Of It To You



    -Butterfly on your right shoulder

    -pink rose

    -Monochrome Dream Eater

    kagamine rin & len

    -jabberwocky jabberrwocka


    -against the world

    -Suki Kirai



    -electrical angel

    -Neri’s Starry Sky

    -How To World Domination

    -romeo and cinderella

    – Karakuri 卍 Burst

  • I really like

    the straight faced science girl

    rin rin signal

    hot cocoa

    deep sea girl

    sincerity nature:Drastic measures of ignorance

    I like you I love you and…

    electric angel (I know Miku did this but I like their version way better) this is my favorite song eva 😉

  • Len



    fire flower

    servant of evil

    Rin daughter of evil

  • rin and len

    childish war

  • Since no one said this one: Rebirthday- Len

  • Gigantic O.T.N – Len (very interesting.)

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