Macy’s call out hotline?

What is Macy's Call Out Hotline for when you are sick? I have searched the entire internet, and all my papers, and I can't find it anywhere,and I know for fact there is one!

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  • In my macys you call the store itself, then the voice tree comes on & there is an extension for the sick call out number (with a #1 first)--try the gen store. If all else fails call your store's customer service or gift wrap or similar area & ask to be transferred or fro the number & then write it down.

  • Macys Employee Number

  • Macys Employee Phone Number

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    Yes you can, i recently did the same thing. It might depend on how long you closed out that account. But I just went to the cashier and told her what I wanted and she helped me out.

  • I don't really know how to answer this

  • Found out today, go to "INSITE" "MYDAY" "SCHEDULE" Click on your schedule and it will give you the option to call in sick and someone will be able to pick up your shift! I hope this helps.

  • Finally, that's what I was exploring for! Thanks op of this question.

  • you might be mistaken

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