Make up artist – best place to advertise for brides to see?

hey there, I am starting up a make up artistry business, aimed at brides to be... so if ye could all tell me where ye would consider the best place for me to advertise my business, based on your experience of looking for a make up artist Id really really appreciate it!

Also please add any ideas, or information you may feel would aid my business- based on your own experience.

Thank you so much!


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  • 1. Set up a free 'Google Place' listing. This will mean that when somebody types "Bridal makeup near Orlando" or "Makeup artist near Orlando" into Google, you will come up!

    2. Take up as many free directory listings as you can including,/ and This will also help you to appear in search engine results as well as getting your advert seen by direct users of those websites.

    3. Set yourself up with a simple website. If you can't afford that then set up and blog or even a facebook page instead. Just make sure you have somewhere with a picture gallery of your previous work. Make sure you include this website / blog / page in all of your advertisements.

    4. Get friendly with local wedding venues. Ask if you can your cards at the entrances to some of these places. You can also offer them commission when they recommend customers directly to you (sweeten the deal).

    5. Wedding Fayres. It costs to exhibit but can be very valuable. You can offer free trials there and then to budding brides. Great promotion.

    6. Bridal magazines.

    7. The free directories that you get on Bridal websites.

    8. Google adwords.

    9. Facebook advertising - This is a great one. You can tell facebook to only show your advert to females who are engaged and live in your local area.

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  • Best Place To Advertise

  • - Wedding shows (i.e. where a number of businesses are showcased) - Bridal magazines - Advertise with and/or provide commission for any referrals from other people in the bridal industry (eg hairdressers etc) - Community bulletin boards (including online ones) - YouTube / Beauty blogs - Websites, e.g. wedding websites which provide lists of bridal industry suppliers - Local newspaper advertisements - Paint your car with your details - Put a sign up outside your house - List yourself in the Yellow pages - Generate word of mouth! Give your clients great service. Leave them with a few cards to pass on to friends. - Be your own best advertisement. Network like crazy, and hand out cards to everyone you meet

  • I've done most of my research for my wedding online-,, are the ones I've looked at the most. I definitely recommend advertising on there and maintaining an informative website.

    Also, look for regional magazines to place advertisements and find some bridal shows.

    Helpful information you could include on ads (and definitely on website)- dates/hours you are willing to work, cost of service, do you have a studio or would you come to the bride?

  • bridal magazines would be a good place to start.get a page on fb,get your work up on a couple of veils,tiaras,fascinators and have your friends do some modelling for you.your friends and family may be a good place to start actually - if they have friends/family who are getting married,have them recommend can offer a discount if they let you use their image on your website/page.have them write a you know someone who does bridal hair?have some kind of partnership where you refer to each other,that's a win-win books (and the on-line equivalent) too (my local and national phone book have a 'weddings' sections where all the essential services are grouped together and identified by being printed on a different colour paper).wedding fayres - set up a booth and offer free mini make overs.if the mountain won't come to Mohammad,then Mohammad must go the mountain!

  • Go to your nearest large local newspaper and find out when they print their wedding section. There you will be grouped with other wedding professionals. Brides covet that section of the newspaper because it is chock full of wedding information and contacts, such as businesses like yours who cater to bridal needs.

    Get business cards printed and hand them out to everyone you know and post them on every single bulletin board within reach.Begin networking with local businesses who are wedding orientated and develop a relationship with the owners of those businesses. This way you can network and recommend one another's services to brides. Only work with well respected, established businesses with good reputations. If you are professional, then you will fit right in. Places to begin are photographer studios, cake bakers, DJ's, bridal shops, florists, caterers and others in the wedding industry, including local spas, hair dressers and related bridal services.

    Hand out stacks of cards to your friends and family. Advertise specials to entice brides. Something like with a bridal make up session and two attendants, you will do the Mother of the Bride for free. You have to get your services out there to begin a word of mouth chain. For every girl you work on, give them a card with a 10% discount on their next make up session. You have to draw people in, and if that means you give away some free or discounted services, then that is a great way to gain their attention and give you a chance to show your stuff.

  • I would skip the expensive places to advertise, like magazines or websites and just get the word out to hairstylists all around town - maybe come up with some partnering ideas with those sylists. Free make up for the stylist for every referral they give you.....something like that.

  • I think a bridal expo would be a great idea. I spend a lot of time on and when I am wedding planning. so if you could get listed there. I would also see if there is a local wedding planning site that you could get on.

  • Bridal Magazines,

    Local wedding Photography businesses,

    You could create a partnership with a church or another company that does weddings & who would promote you and vice versa.

    If you live in australia (or if they do it in ur country) you could advertise on the back of the shopping docket!

    Hope this helps

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