MapleStory Frozen Tuna?

I'm working on my forever-beginner and I'm looking for a Frozen Tuna. Now I've read Seruf drops the level 10 FT, but that's a common equip. I know the lvl 20 Beginner only comes from Gachapon, but which one?



I DID try those sites. They didn't help at all.

Did some serious digging. It's found at Sleepywood. Thanks everyone!

5 Answers

  • Go on Basilmarket, Hiddent-street, Mapletip, Sleepwood, then come here.

  • Maplestory Frozen Tuna

  • For the best answers, search on this site

    I think it would be 10-20mil. I saw some frozen tuna sold at that price.

  • i played the game for a while and then it didn't work so sorry i cant help you but i loved the game!

  • both

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