May Gemini vs. June Gemini?

What differences do you see between May and June Gemini?

I was born on May 21st, so I'm right at the start of Gemini. (and very Gemini indeed. My sun, moon, and ruling planet Mercury are all in Gemini.)

I see so many differences between Gemini born in May and Gemini born in June that I'm convinced we don't even share a sign. Hahah!


May Gemini for sure talk more.:-D

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  • actually the may geminis i know get bored more easily than the june... but the june geminis cheat more, lol not saying that the may ones dont though. may is more charming too but june is hmmm more idk how to put "addictive"? they both have great personailities though... but the other twim is evil for real yo!

    sorry, thats just what i have noiticed & i have ALOT of gemini friends/family members... even two gemini cats

  • Im a may gemini 27 may

    So am i more like a june gemini?

  • I've actually noticed the opposite of what some ppl before me have said:

    I notice May Geminis being a little more reserved and quiet than June Geminis. Don't get me wrong, they still have those Gemini child-like bursts of energy lol, but just overall IMO, the ones born closer to 5/21 actually behave more like a Taurus than a Gemini to me.

  • I was born on May 21st as well! We May Geminis are very quite and reserved, based on my experience and observation. While June Geminis tend to be wise and precise. Since they occupy most days on the Gemini Zodiac.

  • Would April Taurus work more with a may. Gemi or a June Gemini?

  • May Geminis are more talkative and are more like the Gemini as they say (in my opinion)

    June Geminis think more in their head, are somewhat sensitive, has more of a split personality than may Geminis

  • I don't really see a difference but I'm a June Gemini =]

    June 18

  • I'm a gemini in may (may 23rd) and my friend is gemini in june, (june 11th) our relationship is weird... but really crazy and fun! we're the opposite gender (I'm a girl, he's a boy) I think may geminis are the best. no offense.

  • Im a June Gemini and I act like a Taurus.

    Wtf? =)

  • i'm not sure if this is just an overgeneralize.

    but June Geminis are more laid back. And May are friendlier.

    this is just what i have witnessed 🙂

    could just be the circumstances though

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