MILITARY – Is the AECP program in the Air Force hard to get into ?? Please help?

I have 1 year of college done.. it is a TECHNICAL FIELD that my major is targeted towards. My GPA is 3.3

My recruiter told me after tech school I’d probably have enough college credits to have my associates…then he told me after a year of enlistment I can try to get into the AECP program and the air force will let me get my bachelors so I can try to become an officer… but my question is, how HARD is it to get into the program?

It seems that while in AECP life must be good…so I know that not everybody can get in

Please input your thoughts. Thank you VERY much!

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  • You generally need 60 semester hours of college credit that will apply tpoward a specific degree to apply for AECP.

    While you will get some credits in Tech School, they will NOT be able to be applied toward a BS degree, as anything other than electives.

    If you went to college for a year, then you have seen the degree requirements for a technical degree, there just are not many elective credits needed.

    2, there are around 20 airmen chosen each year for AECP

    3. You cannot apply for AECP until after you are 5 level qualified, which will take from 6 months to a year, After tech School.


    Because the AF is spoiled. They have all the nicest stuff. Housing, planes, treatment. Not that it is a bad thing, but a lot of people join the AF because it is the closest to civilian life. Everyone wants to join the AF, so they have tons of applicants. They can pick and choose who they want. They will take someone with college, in good shape, and no criminal record over someone out of high school, a little overweight, and a criminal charge. It is just how the business works. Navy is a good choice too! You get to see the world, spend some time on as ship, and they have a lot of jobs that apply to the outside world. But you can’t go wrong with any military branch. Just make sure you are choosing it for what you want, and not what your friends are doing. Good luck!

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