My cat has a cat hair on her eye. Should I try to remove it if the hair is bothering her?

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  • Yes wash it out. It could cause some eye irritation and could scratch the cornea and cause an infection. You can use a saline solution like you use with contact lenses. Just flush it out. Plain water is OK but the saline is easier on the eyes.

    If flushing doesn't get it out then take her to the vet. What you think is a hair might be a scratch on her lens and the doctor can give you medication for it.

  • My cats get hairs in their eyes every so often. Most likely, like us, the hair will come out with natural tears.

    You can get a safe eye flush from the pet store if you are concerned.

    If the hair really seems to be bothering her, a vet visit might be in order.

  • Cats have a tear duct system similer to ours that is usually very good at irrigating and removing debris from the surface of the eye. If she seems unable to clear the hair herself, you can use cool- clean water to flush them out. Your cat may not like it though.

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  • My cat has also gotten hairs in her eyes sometimes...i try and gently rub her face... but if i don't get it, i leave her alone because eventually it will come out because their eyes work the same way as ours do. If there is something in our eye, it will tear up in order to tell your body something is in there that shouldn't be..

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