My dog has trapped wind, what can i do or feed him to help?

hes on wind tablets but they dont seem to be working very fast!

what can i give him that’ll help?


will walking help or hurt?

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  • Normally I’d say mild exercise, but this has to be done very carefully as if he is actually bloated, exercise could only make matters worse (full torsion!). And absolutely NO RUNNING!!!

    No food! That’s the worst thing to do. You could try using an antacid, Milk of Magnesia, Gaviscon etc. but to be honest, unless you are experienced and know what you are doing, your best bet is to see your vet. And don’t let him get into loads of water at the moment either – that could cause what food he has inside to swell up.

  • Trapped Wind In Dogs

  • My doberman would occasionally get painful, trapped gas. During those times, I would give him one Gas-X capsule which typically offered relief within 20-30 minutes. This solution met with the approval of my vet who also recommended doing a gentle belly massage to get those gas bubbles moving toward the exit. If this happens frequently, try switching to a grain-free dog food and/or adding a daily spoonful of plain lowfat yogurt. The live bacteria can help regulate the digestive tract. If that doesn’t work, I’d give a call to the vet. Good luck!

  • The gas production may be due to an over growth of gas producing bacteria.This could be due to the food or some other hereditary defect. You could try changing the source of his diet to something of better quality switch his diet to Science Diet Sensitive Stomach or even sometimes Science Diet ZD has helped. . Try asking the vet for some antibiotics long term If you have not tried this, I would suggest trying this. The antibiotic could be a low dose cephalexin or metronida

  • Feed him a good quality meat based diet with few or no grains. Stay away from foods that contain alfalfa, peas, soy, beet pulp, most grains, and other gas causing ingredients. Walking your dog will help get things moving again. Sometimes walking him up and down hills works well. If your dog seems to be in pain you might need to take him to your vet as this could be something more serious.

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    My dog has trapped wind, what can i do or feed him to help?

    hes on wind tablets but they dont seem to be working very fast!

    what can i give him that'll help?


    will walking help or hurt?

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  • give the dog some weetbix, or any cerial high in fibre but dont put milk in it just use warm water. they are high in fibre and should go though him which will cause the dog to have diahoreia and at the same time should help the gas to be released also. Walking is good for dogs if u havent noticed when u walk a dog u can guarantee they do number two’s almost every time lol. Hope i have helped.

  • Rubbing its belly usually can help, if you do it firmly but gently in downward motions or around and round it might help, activity could help, my pug may let out a little fart when it stands up on its back legs to get onto the sofa or if its running about.

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