My dog suddenly won’t leave my side? Please help?

My dog Suddenly wont leave my side (He's been doing for 2 or maybe 3 days?). He's Never like this, He's always a quiet dog but quite affectionate when you give him some attention but he never begs for attention. ( he use to when he was 2-3 but now hes 6 years old) Some things that have recently changed are his appetite( he's not eating anymore), He seems a little depressed, He doesn't obey me like he used too and doesn't do tricks anymore when i ask him to. He doesn't wanna play anymore and he only wants to sleep. and he seems to have this really sad glare or look in his eyes, like he is trying to tell me something sad?

Why is this happening? or whats wrong?

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  • Go to the doctor for yourself because there has been a few cases when dogs have been acting like that and the owner turned out to have cancer cause the dogs can sniff out the cells or something, I'm not saying that you do and I hope not, or maybe there is something wrong with your dog so maybe call the vet and ask about it to see if you have to take him in. But he is definitely trying to tell you something.

  • If this is a sudden change in behaviour then you should always suspect a medical reason.

    Coupled with a loss of appetite then this dogs needs a veterinary check-up as soon as possible. Often if you catch illnesses or infections early then the prognosis is gar better. Leave it too long and other complications can set in..

  • I would take him to the vet. The loss of appetite is a red flag, especially for 3 days. Better safe than sorry. Good Luck!

  • Clingyness and depression are usually wake-up calls. Take your dog to the vet today for physical examination and blood tests including liver and kidney function.

  • My advice is get this dog vet checked he could be ill.

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