My guinea pig died with her eyes open. What does this mean?

I came back home from school yesterday, and came into the kitchen, and see my guinea pig lieing in one spot, with her eyes open, and I couldn't see her breathing. I knew she was dead, so I burst into tears and collapsed on the ground. I've been crying for 2 days! What does it mean when an animal dies with their eyes open?

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  • It's a natural thing that happens. Often when a human or animal dies their eyes remain open because the muscles required to close them no longer function in death. It doesn't mean there was suffering. In fact when bodies are prepared for funerals, the eyes are actually sewn shut. Sorry, a little morbid, but you asked.

    Source(s): RN who has seen quite a bit of death
  • You're actually starting to make me cry because, my guinea pig died to and he was only 1 year old. I was at my mom's house and my dad called me and told me and I also burst into tears. Good thing I was sitting in a bed. After that I passed out. I just couldn't believe that my guinea pig had died. I wish it was a dream. I spent most of my time playing with him every day. He was so cute. Just look at my icon and he looks just like that but he's a boy. And on that same day my mom took me to the pet store and got me a new one. The one that died I named him Popcorn because, he always did this dance called the popcorn. I wish he would just fall out of the sky. Don't you?

  • Nothing at all. All animals, including humans, die with their eyes open. It takes conscious effort to close your eyes. All that stuff you see in the movies where people close a dead person's eyes is bull.

    I'm sorry about your little guinea pig, though!

  • well i saw this and this like ruined me. I saw my guinea pig get put to sleep and his pupils just left. Then they shut his eyes. Most animals and pet die with their eyes open. It's normal.

    P.S I hope you feel better just remember that it was just probably his time. He probaby just died a very peaceful death. He is in a better place. You should let him go, but you can always remember him.

    Source(s): Had to put guinea pig down and still crys, years after.
  • OH NO I am so sorry!!!!! I know that feeling! Most animals do die with their eyes open, even humans..

    You will be OK time will heal but you will never forget your buddy.. I AM SO SORRY!!

  • It doesn't mean anything at all. She just didn't have a chance to close them before she passed.

    I'm really sorry you lost your piggie. I'm sure she knew how much you cared for her.

    Source(s): Mum to 24 piggies.
  • both of mine did the same thing. its normal and mostly all animals and humans die with there eyes open.

    Hope you feel better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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