my mom is a home-ech teacher and she can’t think of what to do for the first day of class, what should she do?

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  • She should talk to the class about what all the projects she plans on doing the whole year.

    Also, she could ask the students what they would want to do...

    my class made cakes, scrapbooks, too care of fake babies...etc..

  • I remember this project like it was yesterday. We were taught how to can peaches. Since then I took a real interest in canning. Another project was how to make an angel food cake from scratch. I took a real interest in baking since then too. Another fun thing we did was make strawberry jam and the next day homemade bread. We even made homemade butter to eat with it. Wow, nothing tasted better! That was way back in the 1950's.

    So this was many years ago but I think it is still important to learn how to make things from scratch the way our grandmothers did. This class built my confidence in being able to make something in the kitchen that even my own mother didn't know how to do.

    Since then I raised a family on homemade jam, baked bread and birthday cakes from scratch. Now my daughter has her own family and carries on the tradition learned from me. She never had home-ech in school so I passed on what I learned back in high school class thanks to my wonderful home-ech teacher.

  • Home economics hey? Then that's an easy one.

    She should stay away from school for the first day and clean the house.

  • Dancing naked on the tables always gets me off to a good school year.

  • ice breaking sessions and simple getting-to-know you games. that always gets the ball rolling. then talk about your yearly plan. dont you have a syllabus or something?

  • Read through magazines & look through cookbooks. Also, allow students small talk.

  • Are you kidding me? She's a professional for goodness sake.

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