my new boyfriend wears panties, is this normal?

I have been dating my bf for about 2 weeks. Last night we had a romantic dinner and were snuggling on the couch. I was really horny for him and wanted to go down on him. So I started to kiss him and then I undid his belt buckle and started taking off his jeans. and then I noticed it. He was wearing Victorias Secret panties. (Really cute panties at that!) I didn’t say anything because I really like him and I was really horny. So I finished him off and swallowed and that made him really happy. I didn’t say anything about the panties but I was really shocked. Should I say something or just let it go. It isn’t a deal killer for me but it is just strange. All my previous bfs wore boxers or boxer briefs.

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  • If you don’t care about it, then don’t ask him about it.

  • first of all…. DAYYYUUUMMMMMMMM, second of all I have no ******* idea, 3 of all, I don’t think that **** is normal, because I CANNOT view a man that would be wearing panties, even gay guys, that right there is a “Bruh…” I don’t know what to tell you but I think u should question him about it, if he didn’t have a problem with you take his pants off then he would think it’s normal. I’m a guy, and I know alot about guys (duh) But foreal do, If I saw a guy where panties I would back the **** up. But to be real with you. question him, or tell him that isn’t normal, or u can ask him “why do you where panties?” i don’t know girl but that is not normal. But really if you don’t have a problem with it, then fine, but I suggest you watch him when u see him sagging, or people around him might see that or.. you get the point so just watch out but if you are fine with it, leave it.

  • well, yeah, it seems like you are OK with it. I wouldn’t worry about it. I never had a bf wear panties, but I wouldn’t really care. They are just underwear.

  • Two words: Bruce Jenner

  • No it’s not normal but so what. It is fun to wear panties. You should talk to him about it just to get to know him better. But really, its just underwear. If you are ok with it and you really like him then so what. It will be fun to go pantie shopping though.

  • Whatever works for him. He might be a cross dresser of sorts. Everyone has their little fetishes

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