My son whos a black belt in ATA Tae kwon do , got into a fight recently and was unable to defend himself?

Im angry because i have paid for all my sons lessons in tkd and recently he was set upon by a guy he knows from college while walking home and he was unable to defend himself by this guy who to the best of our knowledge has no martial arts training .

my son told he simply did not know what to do when he got hit in the face and panicked

we have gone to the police but im angry not just at the attacker but the tkd school who was supposed to be teaching my son to defend himself and awarded him a black belt ?

can i sue this school ?

yes my son has never been in real fights , but the idea of him learning tkd was that if he ever did he would be ready and able to look after himself in that situation

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  • Sure. You will likely lose, but you can sue 'em. Even if you win, you won't get anything but the pictures on the wall.

    Martial arts teach how to fight in a specific discipline. They do not teach street fighting. You picked the wrong school for that. Oh, and you forgot to get a warranty.

    Hey, Bob, I like bananas too.

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    I think you can take her. I'll tell you why A. The spelling is a big indicator. If the person is a black belt, and they still can't spell the art in question: That may be a problem. I don't know her though. B. A black belt knows to limit speaking about the practice of Martial Arts. I'm unfortunately in a situation where people found out, but your goal is to avoid fights at all costs: She shouldn't be looking for trouble. The attacks are the last resort. C. Everyone is right about the school. For all we know she might be from a mcdojo, and that means she may not be prepared as much as you think. If you do end up in an altercation: If you are good at catching strikes, you might be ok. Just try to catch and counter. You are taller as well, which may give you the advantage of keeping her far from you. If you can, try to avoid it, or get some help from authorities, et cetera...

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    My son whos a black belt in ATA Tae kwon do , got into a fight recently and was unable to defend himself?

    Im angry because i have paid for all my sons lessons in tkd and recently he was set upon by a guy he knows from college while walking home and he was unable to defend himself by this guy who to the best of our knowledge has no martial arts training .

    my son told he simply did not know what to do...

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  • I am sorry this happened to your son but there are no guarantees even if you study martial arts. You can still get hit. One big thing jumped out at me was that it was someone he knew and it was last thing he probably expected. He was probably in shock this "friend" attacked him. In a controlled environment where you know you can't get (too) hurt, there is no reason for fear but when someone jumps you and fight or flight kicks in, all guarantees go out the window. I have studied TKD as well as Hapkido and Judo, and all have their advantages/disadvantages. mixing styles is best for real world situations.

    Your boy should not give up on martial arts nor should you. I am guessing this will be a huge learning experience for him. If this school does not have much sparring that would be a red flag in my book.

    Theory is nice, practice is far more important. Techniques need to be reflex, no thinking required. By the way, true Self defense means he counter attacks if he has to and then gets away from the attacker unlike what is shown in pop culture.

  • I'm a second degree black belt and have been in Taekwondo for 7 years. a common misunderstanding. a black belt doesn't necessarily mean you can kick someones ***. it means you're a dedicated student and its a mark of distinction. it shows an immense amount of perseverance. but it does NOT mean you can kick everyones butt, just like being in a few street fights doesn't mean you can kick her butt. but if she does believe that she can kick everyones butt just because she's a black belt, shes in for a rude awakening in the near future, should she go around picking fights everywhere. one thing i can guarantee you is that (assuming she actually earned the black belt, which really depends on what type of Taekwando she was taught [yes, there are several types]) she will fight differently than the other people you've fought. Jackie Chan once said: "the first line of defense is always RUN." now, you can take this to mean run around in circles until she gets tired, or avoid fighting. personally, i like the latter of the two. and it will be a lot easier to fight if you are sober. to your spelling question, she could have just had a brain fart. a silly mix up. and there is more than one way to spell it. that, however, i do not believe is one of them, but i could be mistaking. and just out of curiosity, what is the disagreement over? and bonecrusher over here doesn't know what the fcuk hes talking about. Taekwondo most definitely has take downs. not to mention flips, pressure point manipulation, ground grappling (basically wrestling) head locks, and about 8 different weapons. rest assured, people properly trained in Taekwondo can defend as well as attack. and if anyone believes otherwise, i will take them down myself. to matty G (sorry for all of my critiquing, but some of this really pisses me off) there are some forms of martial arts that actually have pink belts, so thats kind of an....empty(not sure if thats the word i'm lookin for)...diss. but the part about not underestimating your opponent is completely true. thats one of the first ways you'll get pummeled(sp?) on is by underestimating. if you have to go in with some sort if jugement, go in with the thought that she has the advantage. shes better, faster, stronger whatever. the worst thing that could happen ( if you don't consider overdoing it a bad thing) is that you're right and you went at it with all you have.

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  • I am a little bit outraged as to what you guys are suggesting from all this particularly the one who is implying that all the students should be removed from this school. Firstly im sorry to hear about your son. What has happened to your son was not the schools fault, they have equipped him with methods of combat which are effective for self defence but not all scenarios will guarantee that the outcome will always be in his favour. I would like to also point out that having a black belt DOESN'T make you invincible, and in the situation where your son was attacked has for more reasons as to why he lost the fight none of which should be the schools fault. I have been in the same situation as your son I was attacked recently, and lost. I am also a black belt. What caused my loss was my inexperience to the environment outside my club, when your training ina club there is a completely different environment which does not effect the body the same way it would be when exposed to an attack

  • This is actually a very incredible question and story. It seems just about every regular on here has posted something. I myself agree with what everyone is saying about the ATA. It's unfortunate that it isn't well advised enough about their ill organization and have to learn the hard way. I understand your anger as I would be just as upset right now as well.

    There's virtually nothing more I can say that everyone else hasn't already. I would strongly encourage you to inform other parents to have their children removed from that organization as soon as possible. (The contracts make that a little harder) However don't go around talking smack about the school or else you could end up getting sued. Make this negative a positive and help out other unknowing ATA practitioners before the same happens to them.

    Taekwondo is an effective martial art IF (emphasis on the "if") learned correctly. The same is said about every martial art. The student is only as good as the instruction given. The problem with the ATA is they only associate with other ATA schools especially in tournaments. This prevents the student from experiencing other types of martial arts and learn what needs to be worked on rather than nursing their ill-conceived strengths. ATA is too tournament minded and they don't train for real life application. It's all about point scoring. To them martial arts is a sport, not self defense.

    Concerning your son; a lot runs through your head the first time you fight for real, especially if you're too used to point sparing. The ATA in no means is concerned with real life or death situation or application. Everything your son's learned won't go to waste if he chooses to go to another martial art. Everything he's learned, unpolished as it may be, is still there waiting and willing to sprout wings. This was a once in a life time experience and hopefully an eye opener. Not everything is as it seems.

    I wish you and your son the best.

  • Taekwondo or any other combat method for that matter simply teaches you certain fighting techniques. There are many other factors in a fight such as physical ability and heart. Contrary to what I used to read in the back of comic books when I was a kid there is no magic in any combat art. Your son might have had the knowledge but he would have needed the physical ability and fighting instinct to successfully apply the techniques he learned in a real life combat situation. Martial arts including TKD have full contact tournaments but they are not for everyone. Or it could have simply been a matter of the other kid simply being a better fighter. It happens. Just ask any MMA fighter.

  • There's always a bigger fish... Since martial arts has been part of my life for over 35 years, I can attest that there are absolutely no guarantees that someone who studies Martial Arts will be the victor of a fight. Many arts are based upon 'sport' foundations which makes it doubly difficult. Combative martial arts, who practice full contact have a better chance than those who constantly seek belts based upon the next Kata.

    The best way to win a fight is to learn how to avoid it prior to its happening.

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