My teacher saw me crying? Now I’m embarrassed.?

I'm 14, and I've had a lot on my mind lately (Family issues, my uncle's been diagnosed with a brain tumour, splitting up with my boyfriend of 2 1/2 years, the list goes on...) and today, as I walked into science I practically broke down. I walked in the classroom, got a sheet from my Male science teacher, and burst into tears. He took me into the class next door, and asked me what was wrong. I'm a really private person, and didn't want to talk about it.He kept saying 'It's good to talk', and 'I'm here if you want to listen', but I wasn't in the mood. He asked me if I wanted to talk to someone else, such as a female teacher, but I said no and I walked into the corridor to calm down. Whilst I was in the corridor, my other science teacher came over, saw I was crying, and started asking questions. This is the conversation we had:

Miss Bird: Aaliyah, what's wrong?

Me: Nothing:/

Miss Bird: There's obviously something wrong, you don't get this upset about nothing

Me: No, honestly I'm fine..

Miss Bird: No you're not..What's happened sweetie? I hate seeing you so upset, you're always so happy... Are you having a bad day?

Me: Yeah:/

Miss: Are you having the worst day ever?

Me: Yeah, you could say that..(welling up)

Miss: (giving me a smile) Do you want me to stop asking you questions?

Me: Yeah, please

Miss: Ok sweetie..

She then walked into my class, and spoke to my other science teacher.. 5 mins later I walked back in, and sat down. My Male science teacher asked me if I was ok, and I said 'Yeah.', and got on with my work quietly. 5 minutes before the end of the lesson, my female teacher, Miss Bird, walked in, and mouthed to me 'are you ok?' and I nodded. She mouthed back 'ok', and winked at me.

I left to go to lunch, and that was that. After lunch I went back to my science class ( I had double science) and got on with my work quietly. My teacher, Miss Bird, came in again, and said 'How are you now? Are you ok? Because if you're not, you can come into my class for a girlie chat, get things off your chest?' Me being me, didn't want a chat, and just wanted to do my work.

I did my work, and the lesson passed. As I was leaving, Miss Bird, and Mr Taylor called me over, and asked me to sit down, so I did. This is the conversation:

Miss Bird + Mr Taylor: Who has upset you?

Me: No-one, honestly, it's nothing like that.

Them: Are you sure, I've never seen you this upset?!

Me: Positive...I've just got a lot going on.

Miss Bird: Promise? Because If someone has, you know I'll kill them (joking, obviously)

Me: Promise.

Miss: Ok, I can only take your word for it. You know where I am if you ever need a chat, ok?

Me: Ok, thank you..

SO: Do you think they will think I'm an idiot for getting so upset? Do you think they were talking about me during the lunch hour? Do you think they'll talk to my tutor? Do you think they'll call my parents? I'm worried My female teacher will because she knows my mum , because my brother had her 2 years ago. I don't want them to get anyone at home involved, because no-one knows that I've been upset. Do you think they were just looking out for me?

Sorry for the long explanation, I needed to ask someone 🙂

Thank you.

Aaliyah, 14.

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  • Hey, it's easy to get embarrassed when a teacher or someone you're not all that close too sees you crying but do know that teachers are not out to embarrass you...not always. 😉 They've worked with a lot of students and have probably come across some that do need help and do need someone to talk to and they're aware of that. You're going through a rough time and it's okay if your teachers know that as well as your mom. I doubt your teacher would tell your mom that you were crying unless you continued doing it everyday. I hope things get better for you and I am sorry for all of the sadness in your life at the moment.

  • I'm sorry this occurred. I had the identical factor occur to me as a teenager too. I felt like the instructor had obvious deep into my soul. I wasn't the pupil they in general noticed. I felt ashamed. First fully grasp this sense is common. A lot of humans consider this fashion. Second fully grasp that plenty of humans have had this occur. Most most probably your instructor too. How to make it depart? Remind your self that in these days is over. That trouble is over and you will not revel in it once more in that method. Or believe of it this fashion it might had been worse. The instructor might have obvious you doing some thing terrible like doing medicines or under the influence of alcohol. Be joyful you're now not that kind of individual and all he noticed used to be you crying. I hardly ever cry. I used to be informed that's now not as a result of me having a tough middle it is only as a result of the youngster abuse I went by way of as a child. Crying almost always intended I used to be harm much more so I discovered early on to not cry. It wasn't till lower than 10yrs in the past I might cry specific tears. Before that I hardly ever cried with tears. Weird I realize however it is natural in people who have been abused. You are simply to afraid to cry. My factor is now while I do cry, consider the rainy tears I almost always consider unhealthy or ashamed. I need to remind myself crying may be very usual and common. It is almost always handy. You consider bigger after a well cry. Try to seem at it that method. What you have been doing used to be very common.

  • You have some weird teachers.

    But yeah..

    Don't worry about it. Put a smile on your face. Assure them there is nothing wrong with you. Just turn into what you used to be? Cheerful etc.

    I've cried a lot infront of teachers too. I don't feel so bad about it. I don't think I ever have. Everybody needs a good cry sometimes. Doesn't matter where. 🙂

  • I often spend my half an hour to read this blog's posts daily along with a mug of coffee.

  • Do you think your teachers have never seen anyone cry in class before?

    Do you imagine they never cry themselves?

    The main thing is that they really care about you. Count yourself fortunate!

    There's an old saying: "things being at their worst begin to mend". At your age there's plenty of time for that to happen -- and I hope it happens soon.

  • uhm there not only there to teach. helping you emotionally is part of their job. you should talk to them because not doing that can make them concerned and they can call family or services to get answers. kids have guidance counselars and kids cry. why should you be embarassed you have issues that need fixing

  • every time i submit a question, even if it is the easiest one, they can't offer me a good informed answer on this site. Wtf happened to people that really take the time to answer?

  • They were showing concern for your well-being. I am sure they were making sure you were not in danger or trouble.

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