My tire has a lump on the side?

I just noticed my car has a small lump on the side of it. When you touch it it is hard. I think I hit a pothole yesterday, but cannot remember which side of the car it was. IS this bad??? Can I drive it?? Will it pop??? HELP

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  • Lumpy tires……get a new one fast!!!!

    The lump is not suddenly going to go away…….the tire is defective……you are risking a blowout and being stranded on the side of the road….do you have a warranty on the tires from where you bought them or what??? Take it to a tire store quick and let them check it out…….

  • A lump in the side wall means that the tire has a defect/ weak spot and should be replaced ASAP. I would not drive at high speed for risk of blowout. Good luck

  • This is not good. The lump means that there has been a compermise in the sidewall of the tire and you need to get it replaced ASAP. By not getting this tire taken care of, you are risking the possibility of a blowout while driving.

  • Knot In Tire Sidewall

  • Sounds like your tire is damaged. You could have a blowout while driving and lose control of your car.

    Please get the tire replaced as soon as possible, sidewall damage on a tire is not a good thing at all.

    Good luck and be safe.

  • A bubble on the sidewall is not good. It can not be fixed and if the car is driven, a blowout could occur. The only remedy is to replace the tire.

  • you do not need air in the tire…..that means you broke the radial belt inside of the tire… may be able to drive on it….but you run a much higher risk of a blowout that way…and yes it will eventually blowout…it is not a good idea to drive on it very long….get it changed to be on the safe side

  • Tire is damaged and needs to be replaced ASAP, before it blows out.

  • buy good 5 star tires

  • you need to get a new tire RIGHT NOW.this is no good.this tire is going to blow out and if you are driving at high speed,the game is over.

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