My tumblr won’t let me post anything, help?

My tumblr won't let me post anything. (the thing that says text, photo, quote, link, chat, audio, and video) I tried making it look cool and found one of one direction and it worked at first, but now if I try clicking on it, nothing happens. It's like I'm clicking nothing. I tried deleting the html code and even adding a new one, but nothing works. Any ideas I could try?

and no I haven't reached the post limit.

3 Answers

  • You might have to delete/uninstall your browser and re-instal/download it again, if you used the programme called styles, or something like that, go to the spanner tool on your browser, i assume you're on chrome, most people are, you can see your downloads and delete the add on

  • Did you reach the post limit?

  • your insecure

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