n x 50 = 5,000 this is for my son hw?

and then i have to explain your soluution this is for 5th grade math

6 Answers

  • divide it by 50


  • n = 5000/50 = 100

  • n x 50 = 5000

    What number times 50 gives you 5000? 100. So n=100.

  • N=100

    I did 5000/50 because division is the opposite of multiplication (explanation might be wrong, but the answer is right.)



  • n = 100.

  • like they said divide by 50 on both sides, its order of operations PEMDAS parenthesis, exponents,multiplication,DIVISION,adding


    So to get the answer you have to do the opposite of multiplying which is dividing both sides to get n.

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