Name a kind of test you cannot study for?

14 Answers

  • Blood test

  • Pregnancy test

  • Blood test.

  • I've never understood how the heck are you supposed to study for a math's not like you know the questions that are going on the test.

  • A test of friendship

    or a breathalyzer test

  • The test of the American Broadcasting System that goes across when you are watching TV.

  • Look for a school that doesn't have "aviation" in its name anywhere. You're going to spend a lot of time out of work as a professional pilot and will need a non-aviation degree to support yourself. The airlines don't care where your degree is from so an aviation degree is a waste of good college money in my opinion.

  • personality test

  • 1. Preganancy test for sure

  • pregnancy test., eye exam test , blood test....

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