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I need help answering these questions right now please. Thank you.

1). Modernist works could best be described as:

Select all that apply, ( HAS MORE THAN ONE ANSWER)

A). pessimistic

B). innovative

C). derivative

D). optimistic

2). Select all of the themes and subjects used by Realist writers.

Select all that apply, (HAS MORE THAN ONE ANSWER)

A). life in the city

B). harshness of everyday life

C). freedom of choice

D). middle class people

E). individualism

3). Two movements in literature that corresponded with Realism were:

Select all that apply, ( HAS MORE THAN ONE ANSWER)

A). Colonialism

B). Regionalism

C). Naturalism

D). Modernism

4 Answers

  • D, A B & E, B & C

    hope you get a good grade

    Source(s): english major, college student.
  • 1. B and D

    1. A, B, and D

    2. B and C

    Source(s): Took the quiz and these are the correct answers
  • Number 1 is C and D

  • Number 2 is A,D and E

    number 3 is B and C

  • probably cheating on a test, next time study!

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