Nintendo wii error code 52131?

my wireless wii internet has always been working but all of a sudden when i tried to connect to the internet its says error code 52131..i have a good signal

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  • This answer comes directly from Nintendo's Website:

    Error Code: 52131

    The Wii is unable to connect to the Internet

    Likely cause: The wireless router is incorrectly connected, or the Wii console will need a DNS manually entered.

    How to fix: Check the way your router is connected; manually assign a DNS to the Wii.

    Check the connections to your wireless router:

    Even if you are able to get a working Internet connection to your computer through the wireless router, if it is not properly connected to the modem, the Wii and other devices may not be able to use it.

    Most routers have five (5) ports on the back. Typically there is a set of four, with a single port either ƒᴀʀтher away from the rest, or separated with a different color border or line. This single port is often labeled "Internet" or "INT." Make sure the cable coming out of your modem is plugged directly into this "Internet" port, and not into one of the other four that are grouped together.

    Manually change your Wii console's DNS settings. To do this, follow these steps:

    Access the Wii system settings (how to), and use the right arrow twice and select "Internet."

    Select "Connection Settings," and choose the connection file (1, 2, or 3) that are you are currently using.

    Select "Change settings" and click the right arrow 3 times to reach "Auto-Obtain DNS."

    Select "No," and choose "Advanced Settings."

    Click into the "Primary DNS" field and enter:

    Click into the "Secondary DNS" field and enter:

    Please note: These are public DNS's provided by Google and are subject to Google's Terms of Service. If you prefer to not use this service, doing an Internet search for "public DNS" will provide you with several other options you can use.

    Select "Confirm," and then "Save."

    Select "OK" to start the connection test. Once the test finishes, try to download the update again.

    If you are still getting this error code after trying the steps above, please call 1-800-255-3700 for further assistance.

  • I looked it up on Nintendo and it says how to fix it on this page:

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