Normal for nausea after wisdom teeth removal?

So, I only had local anesthesia when I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed. Turned out the procedure was more complicated than expected and it took 3 hours (and nearly 15 shots). The first day I didn't eat anything and could barely drink water to get pain pills down my throat and mouth were so swollen. Anyways, its day two and I'm now even more swollen (using ice on my cheeks) but I can kinda slurp down soup and water and that's just about it. (Apple sauce is nice too) Anyways, my biggest problem is that I feel like I'm going to puke every time I get up or try to eat something. Is that normal?

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  • That is pretty normal, if you are taking vicodine or anything of that sort. Also, if you are still experiencing some bleeding the blood being swallowed makes you nausea's. I would advice, ice and rest and eating even if just mashed potato's and soup before taking the medicine. The pain can also make you feel queasy so just try and take it easy. make sure to rinse with salt water and relaxe. Feel better!

  • I got my wisdom teeth out a week ago. It is normal to feel sick, it hurt so much for me. You shouldnt eat hard food- which is most food. Have smoothies, milkshakes, cut bannanas, yogurt. The reason you dont want to eat hard foods is because you dont want to push or undo the stiches. Remeber to take your anti biotics. WARNING: you will get puffed cheeks, there will be blood, and you might throw up or drool

  • it could be the pain pills you're taking. the prescription they gave me made me feel sick because it's meant to be taken with food and well... duh, i just had 4 teeth removed so I couldn't eat. I tried the pills for maybe 2 days and i kept throwing up. as soon as i stopped taking them, i was fine.

  • its probably the pills they gave you for pain. that stuff is so strong and it could easily give ya that sick feeling 🙂

  • call the dentist and ask

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