OB-GYN in Makati Med?

I've recently had an encounter with a VERY JUDGMENTAL Ob-gyn in Makati Med (Mercedes P. Viduya). I went there for a routine check-up, it was my first time. She didn't even check me, she just asked me a bunch of questions. I'm in a monogamous relationship for a long time now but we are biding our time for marriage for religious and personal reasons. This doctor accused me of adultery that's why I wasn't marrying my boyfriend! She then went on to tell me it was wrong and I'm going to hell. And when she goes to heaven, she wanted to say her peace to me on earth. I wasn't aware I went to a church to confess and be judged! This so-called doctor should mind her own business! How dare she judge me and tell me I'm going to hell when she hasn't even know me, much less talk to me before? It is people like her to give a bad light to Catholics!

So now, I'm looking for another OB-Gyn who would mind her own business and stay being a doctor, not a judgmental prick. Know of any? 🙂

Sorry, typo: she DOESN'T even know me 🙂

The answers I'm getting really made me smile, thanks to all those who answered! I'll check out the doctors you guys have mentioned 🙂

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  • you shouldn't have paid since you didn't go there for a bible reflection session. if i were on your place, i could have argued with that doctor.

  • You can ask for Dra. Anabelle Aherrrera. she's a good and well known OB. Her clinic is in Makati Med. She's a wife of my former boss.

  • maybe she want you to join in her religion... try in philam medical center near makati med actually at the back of makati med salcedo st. 4f kalayaan bldg beside mini stop. Look for Dr. Dela Rosa

  • Try Dra. Borromeo. She is also from Makati Med.

  • Yes, I agree...this doctor did over-step her boundaries. I'm so sorry about your very unpleasant experience. I hope some of the ladies here can give you some referrals. God bless.

  • Try Dra. Aldabel Cruel, she's my wife's OB and we didn't have any problems. (Highly recommended)

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