oh, and one last spanish question..?

Mi hermana ______ da la llave (the key) a ti.

te or le ? sorry im really not good at spanish.. lol

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  • "Te" goes with "a ti." "Le" would go with "a usted," "a el," or "a ella."

  • Hi!

    It's "TE"

    Mi hermana te da la llave a ti


    Mi hermana le da la llave a usted

    I hope this helps

  • hi there

    Mi hermana ______ da la llave (the key) a ti.

    te or le ?

    it means this in english.

    ______ My sister is the key (the key) to you.

    you or him?

    te means you

    le means he/she or/it

    so it will be te

    hope it helps

  • Why are you laughing? It's not funny. Something is obviously wrong with your brain considering you cannot use context clues?!

    Why on earth would you use Le when at the end it CLEARLY states "a ti" to you.

    You= you.

    Ti= te=tΓΊ.

    I suggest you give up now.

  • TE

    Mi hermana TE da la llave a ti.


    TE is used for YOU, singular

    LE is for he/she/it

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    native spanish speaker
  • te

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