On average, how much does it cost to rent surfboards?

...or do you normally have to buy them?

14 Answers

  • Hi Carefull - you're getting several good answers here. Expect to spend $10 - $30 an hour for a typical rental board. You're going to want a nice foam long board, which is basically a moving sidewalk and so will be easier to learn on. If you're going to be using it all day, you will most likely save money with an all day rental of around $100. If you're going to use it all week, you should buy a beater used board from the same surf shop for around $200, and then sell it back to the shop for about $100 at the end of the week, or put it on ebay, or keep it as a souvenir. Peace.

  • If you are asking if surfing is pricey to get into I would say it depends upon your perspective. You can expect to pay from $200-300 for a soft board and $500 and up for a hand shaped board. So that is a little pricey but overall it is not an expensive sport. If you look at things like snowboarding and golf you have to go buy your equipment and then have to pay to actually do the sport. Waves are free. Oh sure you can pay to travel to other surfing destinations but if you've got a local break and a board you are pretty well set. The more you do it the more likely you are to invest in several boards but for a beginner a board, some wax and maybe a wet suit (depending on where you live) is all you need. It might also be wise to attend a surf clinic in your area if there is one or at least have some friends show you the ropes. Dig through the questions in here about learing to surf. There have been tons of them.

  • I would rent one first. They are like 120 a week or like 50 for the day. Make sure you take a look at them when you rent it. I made sure mine wasnt jacked up before i took it out. I ended up buying a SURFACE board to start out with and it is still a fun board that i take out to warm up on. Then you go for the smaller boards. I am riding like a 6 foot short board now.

  • about 25$

  • to rent i'd say maybe like 100 a day yea its pretty expensive i'd just go all the way and by one if i needed it for a while. But if your talking about hourly $20

  • About 30 bucks, but its usually not to sweet of a board, ya can find a descent used board for about 200 bucks , that way ya can get exactly what ya need

  • in places in florida i've rented one for 24 hours and it was only $30 so i thought that was good and they also had specials for like $120 for a week and so on.

  • I live in hawaii and it's about 15 an hour, but sometimes 10 with a student id. but usually they're really lenient with the time.

  • Surfboard Rental Prices

  • everytime i have rented a surf board it has been around $20-30

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