On Hannah Montana, how did Miley’s mom die?

I was watching the new episode "He Could Be The One" on youtube, and there is a video that Billy Ray shows Miley of her mom saying that she "wishes she could be there with her to help her" and she told her to follow her heart & stuff... but how did she know she was gonna die? I was just wondering because it was weird how she made the video and KNEW she was gonna die, but i thought she died in a plane crash or something?

i know her mom is alive in real life

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  • yes.

    i was watching that today as welll.

    its such a good episode. i'm glad she chose jake.

    but everyone is saying plane crash,,

    but my theory is.

    her mom had lets say cancer.

    and thedoctorss said she only had months or something left to live. so they made all the stuff for Miley. thats the only explanation i can think of because if she had died in a plane crash, why would she have made a video. did she know she was going to die?

  • I just finished watching it to. I think that It was some kinda a diese, like cancer or diebetes just something where the docters told hannah montana's mom that she only had a couple years to live. They probably had a whole new life planned out. That after her mom died they would move to california or something. But thats only in the episodes of hannah montana. Miley Cyrus' real mom is still alive and her name is Trish Cyrus who lives with Billy ray cyrus and mileys siblings. Including Trace cyrus the lead singer of metro station.

    But anyway I hope i answered your question good enough to be the best!

  • I thought about that last night acually/ no lie. I'm really not sure, i'd wish they say, I know it was when Miley was 5 years old I think, or 7??

  • I'm interested to know more about this too

  • Everyone has their own opinion, but I don't think so

  • Some questions are left to be unanswered and mysteries unsolved. It's also like asking about Daidōji Tomoyo's and Li Xiao Lang's fathers (who are also hardly mentioned) on "Cardcaptor Sakura."

  • I think she died from cancer or some other kind of illness

  • in real like most people make videos for their kids for if something happen .so that the child can have the tape.

    but i don't know how she died

  • It doesnt say shes just not in the picture in her life but she did die but they still show her (brook Shields) in the episodes

  • I just do not no

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