One of the anterior tarsals; articulates with metatarsals 2. 3. and 4

Please match the words with the correct sentence please.

1. : articulates with the distal ends of the tibia and

2. : tendon of the calf muscle attaches to the posterior surface
of this bone

3. : articulates directly anterior to the talus

4. : tibia articulates with the talus here

5. : lateral tarsal; articulates with metatarsals 4 and 5

6. : one of the anterior tarsals; articulates with metatarsals
2, 3, and 4



trochlea of talus

lateral cuneiform





Articuletes sitth the idistalends at the tibia and laula Tendon of the calt musde attaches to the Pasterion surtace af this bCuboid Cubaid dene s lies latera Side ot tasd and yaml metatasals unei betwwean Calcameus id& Ctarwisb thene Cuneitarmsd mediAbove are the correct matching
words with each sentences.

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