Online roulette with large limit range?

What site can I go to that accepts US players for online roulette that has the biggest range limits ($0.10-$200) ($0.25-$300) ($1-$1000) or anything close to that. Also if there's any casinos that have video roulette or machine roulette with those limits that works too

@pdq: I didn't ask for your condescending "professional" opinion.... I simply asked if anyone knows of any casinos like what I am looking for because I like roulette. Anytime you make a bet anywhere you have just the same if not less chances than with a system you believe works. Try answering questions and trying to be helpful rather than be an ***.

3 Answers

  • Irrelevant. There's only one reason anyone is looking for a large limit range. You've come up with some sort of "system" in which you believe you can beat roulette.

    You haven't. You will lose. You will go broke trying.

    NO SYSTEM can beat roulette, regardless of the limit range. When you finally lose 14 spins in a row, you'll be coming back here posting questions wondering whether or not these sites are rigged. Most of them are not. They don't have to be rigged in order to take your money.

    Nobody in the history of the planet has developed a betting system that can beat roulette. You will not be the first.

    Try to beat roulette at your peril.


    What I told you is neither "professional", nor is it "opinion". What I told you is simply the truth. Someday you'll figure that out for yourself. I just hope for your sake that your ignorance and stubbornness doesn't cost you too much money.

  • Either way, you will always end up making the casino richer in playing roulette. However, if you are still looking for online casinos that accept players from the United States, you can see this link for your list of US online casinos.

  • Currently there are no gambling sites that accept U.S. players due to new regulations passed by congress. There are plans to legalize it again with stricter tax regulations, but no word on exactly when yet.

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