Organic ground beef smells and tastes like cheese? Wtf?

I bought organic grass fed ground beef from whole foods, and it literally smelled like cheese. I made hamburgers and it no longer smelled but had a mild taste of an aged cheese, like Parmesan or something. Is this normal for grass fed beef to taste this weird??

3 Answers

  • Yup.

  • Very first thing appear on the first-rate before date, if the meat was in the freezer for a very long time it could have aquired freezer burns and this may occasionally certainly make the meat style awful. Contemporary meat has some smell to it but now not robust you could examine it to fresh damaged eggs is you like , look on the color of the meat if grey it's historic and freezer burned, if pleasant and crimson it is first-rate to use .

  • Yes,it certainly can-it tastes ,to me,more like the cow!-which is natural,we're just not used to eating real meat! But,having said that,the type of grass,the breed of the cow,the season,can all play a role in what it will taste like-I too was concerned the first time,thinking it was spoiled! The blood was even more of a darker color,not as bright red,which I associated with wine,it will vary.One thing is certain-it FAR healthier for you! (as long as it's not past it's expiration date!)

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