What does Atrevete mean in spanish???

11 Answers atrever means to dare so atrevete means to to dare yourself to do something, or don't be afraid to do it Atrevete Meaning Source(s): https://shrinke.im/bahrl This Site Might Help You. RE: What does Atrevete mean in spanish??? Source(s):... Read more

What is a professional word for cashier in resume?

I worked at school as part time cashier. My duties are as follow: taking payment from students, assisting student on setting up payments online, process billing documents, balancing my drawer on closing, filling up documents for deposits. 11 Answers I'd... Read more

What color is Paisley?

9 Answers Yes, paisley is a pattern. It was very popular a few years ago. It is composed of curved "tear shape" designs. Paisley Color Source(s): https://shrink.im/a9or9 This Site Might Help You. RE: What color is Paisley? Source(s): color paisley:... Read more

Find two numbers whose sum is 23 and whose product is a maximum?

9 Answers x+y=23 z=xy=y(23-y)=23y-y^2 dz/dy=23-2y=0 to be max y=11.5 x=11.5 If you chearch 2 numbers whose you know them sum and them product, you can say that they are the solution of this equation : x² - Sx + P... Read more

Which one is proper: Didn’t OR Did’nt?

7 Answers Didn't Didn't. When you typed Did'nt into the title of your question you got a red line under it, that means it's a misspelling. didn't always think of the apostrophe as the covering of the missing letter. So... Read more

Which proposal would Theodore Roosevelt and his “New Nationalism” oppose?

26. Which proposal would Theodore Roosevelt and his "New Nationalism" oppose? (Points : 3) inheritance and income taxes conservation and national parks less restriction on corporations workers' compensation laws I think its either C or D?? help? 1 Answer definitely,... Read more

Is princess capitalized in this sentence?

in " Once upon a time, there lived a PRINCESS named Jazmin. It was customary for her to get married on her 16th birthday." is it capitalized. i think it isn't . plz confirm this. oh and the customary part,... Read more

Light and sweet coffee?

Does light and sweet mean less cream and extra sugar? Or extra cream and extra sugar? 8 Answers I think you must be a budding coffee expert / drinker. Have you seen this site set up for coffee lovers with... Read more

How do you get out of trouble with your parents?

27 Answers be honest First, I would sit down with both of them and explain this is who you are. You are not trying to avoid them you are just changing as life goes on. They changed throughout their life... Read more

What is this quote from??? I hear people saying it all the time now.?

Who has two thumbs and *blah blah blah*? THIS GUY!!! Wtf is that from? 4 Answers It originated from Bob Kelso on Scrubs episode 310. "What has two thumbs and doesn't give a crap? Bob Kelso, how ya doin'?" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=77LPrn_U-jQ... Read more

What are the shapes of these compounds?

Or rather, my question is why are these the shapes for these compounds: ZnCl2 and CdCl4 2- Apparently ZnCl2 has a molecular geometric shape that is linear and after working with the Lewis structure I can see why: One of... Read more

A child is shown two identical tall containers, half filled with water. the contents of one container is ?

Poured into a short, wide container. if the child states that both containers still have the same amount, that phenominom would be called ? A clasification B. conservation C. centration D. transformation 8 Answers This is why you NEVER, EVER... Read more

Which statements regarding the Henderson-Hasselbalch equation are true?

1) If the pH of the solution is known as is the pKa for the acid, the ratio of conjugate base to acid can be determined. 2) At pH = pK a for an acid, there is an equal amount... Read more

how do u pronounce gyaru?

thank u 🙂 x-keila-kamage-x xoxox 1 Answer Gyah- Roo The Youon words are hard to describe as they have the small ya, yu, and yo. Read more

Identify whether each description most likely applies to managerial or financial accounting?

1. _______ Its primary focus is on the organization as a whole. 2. _______ Its principles and practices are very flexible. 3. _______It is directed at external users in making investment, credit, and other decisions. 4. _______Its primary users are... Read more

A cube has a surface area of 294 sq. in. What is the length of its sides? in inches?

thanks and 7in was right 🙂 2 Answers 12.25 inches Edit: You got me. I hate math. I did divided 294 by 6, took that answer and divided it by 4 area sides of one of the cube faces. Dumb.... Read more

Why is Saint Anthony prominently featured in the Isenheim Altarpiece?

Please help will mark best answer 2 Answers The Isenheim Altarpiece is Matthias Grunewald most notable painting. It was painted for the Monastery of St. Anthony in Isenheim near Colmar, so it makes sense that Saint Anthony is 'prominently featured"... Read more

4 Bore VS .700 Nitro Express VS .50 BMG?

Which is the largest round? Which has the most muzzle energy fired from it's respected firearm? 4 Answers the 4 bore is the biggest, the .700 Nitro is next then .50 BMG, which would i rather have, a .50 BMG... Read more

what is 81 to the power of 3/4?

12 Answers 27 81 to the 3/4 is the same as the fourth root of 81 to the third. The fourth root of 81 is 3. 3^3 = 27 81 ^3/4 = 27... 4 To The Power Of 3 Source(s):... Read more

what does white chocolate mean? Is it insulting?

Someone said I was white chocolatebecause I like black guys. Is that an insuling term or something? If not what does it mean? 10 Answers niqqa pleaz u ARE black cuz u posted a picture of yaself on ya lazz... Read more

Which section of the body is more dangerous to store fat?

6 Answers Around the abdomen. If you have too much body fat in general it is unhealthy, but it is much worse if you store excess fat around your middle than say, on the hips/thighs. In fact some experts believe... Read more

What does the word ‘lipschen’ mean?

What does it mean when someone calls me 'their lipschen' or says 'Goodnight lipschen'. Is it a term of endearment like 'sweetheart'? Unsure of spelling, internet searching indicated the word may be of Russian/eastern European origin. Apparently phrase was used... Read more

Anybody know why Greta van Susteren’s mouth droops? Is it as result of a stroke or nerve damage from injury?

This is a serious question. I'm in no way making fun of Greta. I'm just curious because I've never heard of an explanation. I know a stroke can cause paralysis on one side of the body, but it appears that... Read more

How are maggots getting into plastic sealed containers?

I live in shared student housing (off campus) and we have a "community shelf" where there's just new to ancient food that people share. I found maggots in the salt awhile back and now I'm realizing that they invaded the... Read more

What element’s valence electrons are located in 5s25p4? * Chem Help *?

1. Te 2. Mo 3. Pm 4. R What is the ground-state shorthand notation for nitrogen (N)? 1. [He]2s22p3 2. [Ne] 3s23p3 3. [Mg] 2p3 4. [He] 3s23p3 What element has one electron in its 4f sublevel? 1. Ce 2.... Read more