Explain Please 10 points?

A 200 g block of a substance requires 1.84 kJ of heat to raise its temperature from 25°C to 45°C. Use the table to identify the substance. http://tinypic.com/r/34xm81l/7 iron aluminum gold copper 1 Answer In the table the units for... Read more

Can I use a Nokia lumia 1020 with metro pcs or tmobile?

I've never had a smart phone, so I don't really know how getting it unlocked works. Any tips or advice helps. 3 Answers 2 Source(s): Free Government Mobile Phone : http://freecellphones.iukiy.com/?KLXs Lumia 1020 T-mobile Source(s): https://shrinke.im/a9EiV If you have a... Read more

how to use product rule to find derivative of 6xy?

the book says the answer is 6xy'+ 6y. but how do you get there? 4 Answers With respect to x? Ignore the constant, since you can just multiply by 6 at the end. That is, d/dx[6xy] = 6 * d/dx[xy].... Read more

Use a triple integral to find the volume of the solid enclosed by the paraboloids y = x^2 + z^2andy=8-x^2-z^2?

2 Answers Use cylindrical coordinates with y playing the usual role of z. So, we have y = r^2 and y = 8 - r^2, respectively. These surfaces intersect when r = 2, a circle. So, the volume ∫∫∫ 1... Read more

saying that 4< squareroot x <9 is equivalent to saying what about x ?

how is the answer 16 < X < 81 ? 6 Answers The idea is to look at the inequality in terms of x, not sqrt(x). Therefore, since you have sqrt(x), you want to square the sqrt(x) to get x.... Read more

A 1000 kHz AM radio station broadcasts with a power of 20 kW.?

A 1000 kHz AM radio station broadcasts with a power of 20 kW. How many photons does the transmitting antenna emit each second? 3 Answers Energy of the photons : E = n * h * f ---> the power... Read more

Can stale cigarettes make u sick?

Can stale cigarettes make u sick? Iv had a ,bad head ace and have been getting nauseous for over a day. I just realized that my cigarettes are very old. (I am NOT asking if they are bad for you... Read more

What is the pH of 0.50 M H2S (given that Ka = 8.91 × 10−8)?

1 Answer H2S <--> H^+1 + HS^-1 Ka = [H+][HS-] / [H2S] assume that [H+] << 0.50 assume that HS^-1 --> H^+1 + S^-2 can be ignored 8.91x10^-8 = [H+]^2 / 0.50 [H+] = 2.11x10^-4 pH = 3.68 Read more

How can you make yourself look headless?

I am gonna be a head on a platter, but my mom wants to be the body, but we can't figure out a good way to do it. 5 Answers There are a few ways to do it. All involve... Read more

Who does Rin Tsuchimi choose at the “real” end of Shuffle!?

I know that in the anime he chooses Asa (whatever) but I read somewhere that in the manga or other novels he chooses someone else, but no one says who. Since most likely there won't be season 2 (shuffle memories... Read more

are pierogies healthy for you?

i'm trying to lose weight and I'm looking for something new... 10 Answers Like anything else potato-related, it's not so much about the food itself; it's about what you put ON the food. Pierogies are mainly potato and flour, both... Read more

how heavy is 20kg’s in an idiots terms?

whats 20kgs equivalent to? Bag of sugar or more or less? just somthing that will tell me because I'm not the smartest smarty in the tube..maybe a brown or blue one :/ thank you :+) ohhh so quite a lot... Read more

How many 0.5mg Xanax equals 1mg?

how many in 1mg Xanax? 3 Answers do the math 0.5 + 0.5 = 1 so 2 2 2 xanax medications Read more

State where in the periodic table these elements appear?

State where in the periodic table these elements appear: A. elements with the valence-shell electron configuration ns^2np^5 B. elements that have three unpaired p electrons 1 Answer A) ns2np5 corresponds to halogens ie group 17 B) It corresponds to nitrogen... Read more

math riddle help from algebra with pizzazz?

Math riddle - Why is a duplicate key like a small cake? 24 letter - p. 216 from algebra with pizzazz! 3 Answers Must be more than one word...twin key only 7,,, "because it is called twinkey" has 24 letters!... Read more

what is “the old rale”?

In Hemingway's "To have and have not" there is reference to "The old rale" what is the old rale? 3 Answers The word "rale", in Hemingway's usage, is meant to represent a ruffian, or troublemaker: http://yesterdayssalad.wordpress.com/2007/09/25/to... Rale Definition Source(s): https://shrink.im/a9FGW... Read more

From Prada to Nada soundtrack help. Easy 10 points!?

What's the song played during Nora and Edwards wedding scene. One of the words that I catch is "bailar". 1 Answer You can check this Soundtracks for From Prada to Nada (2011): • "California Gurls" Performed by Katy Perry featuring... Read more

Sven Groenefeld,coach of Ana Ivanovic?

something's bewildered me about him and his Adidas restriction. why is it he's even allowed to coach when he can't sit in the stands for ana's matches against other adidas attired players? i don't get it. most players want their... Read more

What is the correct Latin translation of “Strength and Honor”?

i need to be 100% sure of the correct translation for my tattoo! 12 Answers Vires et honestas = Strength and honor 'Vires' is concrete and physical. 'Fortitudo' is abstract and philosophical. 'Vires' is more suited to a battlefield, whereas... Read more

urgenteeeeeeeeeee swettim msn…..?

hoinstallato recentemente un programma chiamato sweetim su msn ma nn so come si disinstalla??? mi potete dare una mano??????vi pregooooo 4 Answers Vai al pannello di controllo,istallazione applicazioni,cerchi il programma e lo disinstalli...sicuramente ti è comparsa anche la toolbar nella... Read more