Painless way to make my knuckles bleed?

I really want to make my knuckles bloody, (Don't ask haha) but I don't want to cause too much pain. Any advice? strange, I know.

4 Answers

  • This isn't painless but make a fist and rub them hard on a carpet or your drive way. It will burn a lot but its worth it. And its not strange.

  • I punched a wall with both hands and it got really numb so I didn't really feel the rest but it hasn't even bled yet I did this because I was really mad, not going to lie but to be clear it didn't even bleed just got red and went away after like 10 minuets but I just wanted to feel some pain (I get really angered)

  • I take it its to impress a woman? If your going out your way to impress her then she simply isnt worth it.

  • sc ɾąքҽ them on a concrete wall

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