Panera Bread, Drug test?

I got an interview with Panera Bread on Thursday. And I was wondering do they drug test you, I just want to be a waitress or a baker. I would never ever show up stoned. So I was wondering do they drug test you? And what if they do, and be like oke ᴘιss in this cup and we will drug est and I will be like ummmm I am being honest I won't pass. What will they do lol.

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  • I used to work at Panera, and no I never got drug tested. and no ᴘιss test either, it isn't that great or important of a job to include a drug test. sorry. plus, i think the managers at my store were high half the time anyways. haha.

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  • i worked at panera bread for a little while and the answer to do they drug test is simply: who knows. i got tested, but some of my coworkers never did, but others did. its luck of the draw with them as to whether or not they will test you. and, some locations test everyone, others test no one. you're best bet is to get clean.

    and fear not! there's an easy way to do that. all it takes is five bucks.

    go to walgreens or rite aid or any pharmacy and go to the stomach health section. (easily locatible, if not, ask for help in the store, but do NOT say you're trying to get clean. just ask for the stomach health department. trust me, they will know what you're talking about). buy yourself a gallon jug of aleo vera juice. around here, where i live a gallon is like, 5.12, but it may be more or less depending on where you are. here comes the crappy part.

    you have to go home, and throughout the course of one day, you have to drink that entire gallon. it doesn't taste too bad, but it has a sort of, tingly, sensation on the lips. its really good for you though, and you can always mix in some koolaid mix or something into it. it only takes one day to clean out your system sufficiently for a cup test. five bucks, a little grit to drink so much, and you're golden.

  • I worked for panera Bread in simi valley ca and NO they didnt do a drug test.. i dont know if it varies per state but you can also call a different Panera Bread Google it ! and asked them that if you wanted to work they drug test..But they dont.. good luck

  • If you want to make sure, go to your local GNC or health store. There are a NUMBER of products on the market, ALL LEGAL, that you drink or large pill you take that guarantee you will pass your test. DON'T be embarrassed and just ask. They WANT TO SELL THESE PRODUCTS ! They're not cheap. Expect to spend close to $40.00-50.00 for a one time kit. I took the pill form, taken 6-12 hours before the expected test. Each kind has directions on the outside of the box. All are effective and work on Pot. I used them years ago & so did most of my employees when a new company took over ours and required all existing & new employees take them.

    Once again, just go in and ask if they carry drug test kits. They will probably smile and take you right to them. Or just call around and ask if they have them & their costs.

  • hear to the lady that hires people at panera bread above !!! and why does it count do you do drugs. it is not a good habit! in case you probably did no longer already comprehend( they kill ideas cells soo...)

  • They cant do anything. I was worried about this before I got hired at a fast food burger joint. Thankfully they don't drug test. If they ever ask Im gonna be honest.

  • They won't do it there, they will send you to a lab. Some companies pre test some don't test unless there is an accident.

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