Part b independent assortment and genetic variation

Part B Independent assortment and genetic variation Consider a d loid cell where 2n = 6 During metaphase of meiosis, as he pairs of homologous chromosomes line up on the metaphase plate, each pair may or ent with its matemal or paternal homolog closer to a given pole. There are four equally probable arrangements of the homologous pairs at metaphase I. (Note that this problem assumes that no crossing over has occurred.) Arrangement 1 Arrangement 2 Arrangement 3 Arrangement 4 朋 The cells below show the eight possible combinations of chromosomes that the daughter cells of meiosis Il can receive. Sort each daughter cell into the appropriate bin depending on which arrangement at metaphase I would create it.


The chromosome which are found toward one pole is found to be
that side. These chromosome are separated toward that pole in
Anaphase 1.

In Anaphase 2 these chromosome separated by means of splitting
of Centromere.

The large medium and short length should be noticed

Meiosis (3 of 3): Determinants of Heredity and Genetic Variation (BioFlix tutorial) Reset Help 2 8 1 4 5 6 7 Arrangement 2 Ar

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