paw paw cream on tattoo and romoving ink?

Ok so first off, wanting to know if any one else has used paw paw cream to help heal there tattoo... i'm on day 2 of healing and so far i've not had any scabbing... just wondering if it usually takes longer??


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  • I've never heard of Paw Paw cream either. I did a little research on it and it seems it's made from papaya and a plant called the prairie banana. It's all natural, and doesn't include any of the dangerous things to put on a tattoo (alcohol, petroleum, aloe, lanolin, fragrance or dye). I would guess it to be safe to use.

    Sometimes it takes people a while to scab. One if mine didn't even scab at all, it just sort of peeled. It all depends on you as an individual and how your body reacts and heals from tattoos.

    Congratulations on your new tattoo!

  • I haven't heard of Paw Paw Cream either. I've always used Bepanthan which has worked great for me and for a lot of other people I know who use it. Is that what you're using already? If so, if you're on day 2 and no signs of any scabbing, I would keep on using it, sound like it's doing it's job! Most people scab to some extent, which you may still experience, but if you don't you'll still go through a peeling phase in a few days. Good luck!

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  • I never heard of paw paw cream I just use regular a&d ointment.Also mine just started peeling and I got it done Feb 15.I guess it all depends.

  • If its a natural type cream/ointment, then its probably very good for your tattoo. I personally only use tattoo goo now...its expensive, but I love it. It doesnt clog my pours, make my scab come off, and its great smelling!!! This stuff sounds similar to goo....

    Good luck!

    Oh, and nothing will make you heal faster. Just let your body do it naturally!!

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    You can use Bag Balm or pick up a product that Petco sells called Protecta Pad. Both are super-moisturizing, and I believe non toxic if ingested. Just be sure to check it out because your cat will try to clean whatever you put on his paws. They both rub in fairly quickly.

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