Phil Lester Valentines day video?

I heard about it and I know it's fake but I wanted to watch it.

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  • Google seems to think that perhaps you are the ''only'' one who has heard about that.

    There's absolutely zilch about the existence of such a video in Google search-results.

    http : // www . google . ca / # q = %22phil+lester%22 + valentine%27s + day + video

  • Phil Valentine Youtube

  • Amazingphil Valentines Day Video

  • The Valentines Day video was Phil talking about all the fun and how much he was in love with Dan. Dan at the time was in India and Phil had "5 hours with nothing to do" so he posted the video on LessAmazingPhil of which Dan had had the password to. It was said that this video was a prank and was going to be unprivated on April Fools day and they were going to prank all the Phan shippers, but they thought it was to mean and they never did, but it wasn't until YouTube glitched and accidentally unprivated it and everyone went crazy thats when Phil took it down and said to everyone it was a prank and to never talk about the video.

  • I agree with you so much. Don't get me wrong, I respect Dan and Phil with everything I've got. If they say phan isn't real, then I believe them and I trust them. And even if phan is real, maybe they want to keep it a secret, and thats their business, not mine. But yanno if they really didn't want anyone to see it, they should've deletedbit before youtube glitched. There was a YEAR in between when it was uploaded and when it was unprivated. Honestly, I just want to see it, even though it's not real.

  • Please my goodness, stop this.

    I'm so sick of seeing this. First off, it has been THREE YEARS since that video was unprivated. It caused a lot of unwanted conflict, the reasoning for Phil working his butt off to remove every possible link from the entire internet. Please stop bringing this link back up! It's rude, and very upsetting to see. That video is nobodies business but their own, and should be respected.

  • No, you don't want to see it, people who upload it are (insert bad words) . It's an invasion of Dan and Phil's privacy and anyone who wants to watch it without the intent to report it is not a true or real fan. It's non-existent at the moment and that's how it should stay.

  • to the people giving this person the video links. please stop. i have indeed seen the video but i would never give away the links because it is their privacy. i saw thevideo on accident. so please dont invade dan and phils privacy for a video they dont want you to see.there is a reason why they dont act the same on camera anymore. its cause people like you show others videos that are meant to be private property.

  • maybe its real and they don't ask to know because there is something bad about them being together MAYBE ITS THE GHOST OF YOU


    5 videos down on the right.

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