Philippines private detective that is trustworthy?

I have a girlfriend in the Philippines and we've been talking for about one year on the internet. She seems like a good girl but I'm no fool and I know there's a lot of scams over there. I am considering flying to see her but I want a dating background check done to know for sure she's legit. I want to check her education, employment and see if she's married, and if she really has a passport and lives where she says she does. I just want to be safe before I spend a fortune on a plane ticket, and it's not entirely safe over there... I have had a very bad experience with Philippines private investigators. First, I paid some local company in Manila $250 for a Philippines background check. I was stupid enough to send the money Western Union, and I never heard back from them. Next, I tried another who wanted me to send PayPal and this guy actually did something, but nothing I couldn't have done myself (looks like he searched the internet and made a lot of phone calls). Can anyone recommend a professional outfit who conduct real investigations in the Philippines? I'm willing to pay more to have some people who are actually trained and legit... I need to know my gal is ok.

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  • I'm sorry to hear you had bad luck with the scam investigators in the Philippines. It's a common complaint and frankly I'm not sure which is worse: the women conducting the scams or the locals claiming to be investigators who steal clients money and don't do the work. I love the Philippines and have spent many years in the country, but you're absolutely right to be skeptical.

    I agree with the other answer that Philippine PI™ is very good. They are a US company so you can expect a higher level of customer service and accountability. And they're verified by Truste, McAfee and the Better Business Bureau which to me is a big deal and shows they are professional. I've used them before and it was very clear they were using highly trained investigators.

    You might also try Wymoo International but I think they might be the same company as Philippine PI now. They both have a solid reputation and good customer service. Won't hurt to contact both of them and maybe one more to compare. As you've already seen, it can be very hard to find competent people in the Philippines who have the necessary education and qualifications.

    Don't let all the news about romance scams and fraud get you down. Just be careful and get the background check done before you travel. There are some very beautiful and honest women out there among all the bad apples. The other answer below sounded like he got some days of surveillance so your cost would be less if you're just looking for a background check. They can advise you more, but because you haven't met her yet I don't think surveillance is needed.

    I'll list some links below for further reading. Hope everything works out!

  • Private Investigator Philippines

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  • this is a very very very common problem!!!!!!!!!!! I have personally been scammed by a Filipina similar to your situation, and have many friends and have heard stories reflecting this same type of thing. I was weary to hire a private investigator also but after thorough research I found a really professional and reliable PI. They are called Zele Private Investigators ( ) Let me assure you, i have worked with them before and not once did i feel hassled or scammed. They are in constant communication with you are have a reliable staff. They are a real company also, not one of these pretend ones that just want your money and do things that you can easily do yourself. They speak english and have staff in the areas which fit in to the region who know the culture and language also to make sure everything is discreet.

    check them out

    good luck

  • philippines private detective trustworthy

  • Spousal surveillance Systems.............they pretend to have a team to watch your GF, spouse, whatever the case. STRAIGHT UP SCAM!!....Got me for only 200USD though. Tried to get me to send 800. Probobly changed name already as he is great con man. Buyer Beware....Dont send to any supposed Philippine detectives! Maybe the real ones will find this guy as hes costing them a lot of revenue!

  • Not all Filipina's are scammers or something. Only those who has a bad idea in mind.

    I think you should check out with the PNP or NBI in the Philippines 🙂 My grandma told me this before.

    Try NBI for sure.

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  • Yo Dale! Listen up bro. having been through this process beginning when it was pen-pals (dating sites were new) I know whats going on. To answer your question, NO, you can't trust anyone in a country where institutional corruption is the norm. In case you don't know that, its like the used car cliche "Money talks and B*S* walks" They will take your money and do nothing. Maybe a fake report. You are a foreigner and considered fair game for any scam or ripoff. There behind my back I'm referred to as a "white monkey" by many who smile to my face. You are an American. You'll be viewed no differently then me

    You can easily check her out by yourself. The cell phone is the best way. Get a reasonably priced calling plan and call her 2 or 3X a day. Especially in the evenings around bedtime. If theres a man around you'll find the phone will "dc" after she answers. Or be turned off if the caller I.D. snitches you. You will be told its a defective phone. Same with a net connection. If its always off or "dc" permanently at the same hours every day, something fishy.

    Just remember lying is an art form to these girls. Especailly the scammers. The good news is they tell such stupid nonsense its not believeable. The bad news is its not so easy for you to catch coz you don't know the culture and behavior. Most all girls there behave exactly the same in a given situation (its cult programming) You get the same answers and behavior. If one varies from this standard responce, then you probably being lied to.

    You didn't give enough detail for me to tell you if its safe where you will go. But your best investigator is yourself. Go there and stay a couple of weeks or months. Learn the city (or area) and customs. If she works visit her workplace. Filipinas are known to backshoot each other. If she has secrets, one of her co-workers may snitch. I had that happen a couple of times. For example my salesgirl g.f. was living with guy and say its her "cousin". Her co-workers snitched and she still denied it and stuck to her story. Then she was staying with me in apartelle but the owner was friend of mine. He listened on extention when she made call to her "cousin" from desk phone and he told me "theres something fishy with that cousin of hers". She even had him visit us at apartelle as he was in on the plan for her to go states and send money to him. Howver if she had went, she may have flipped on him and sent nothing. You can't trust em on money.

    Its very difficult for you to have her investigated without her knowing. The old filipinas gossip and soon as anyone ask a question anywhere, it be all over the brgy in 2 hours. Just stay there with her and use your judgement. Watch and listen. Gossip is a national passtime for the women and sone guys. Someone will tell you if there are nasty secrets (if they get to know you) Beware of rural areas in Samar and southern Mindanao. If you had told me the location I could have advised you where to stay and how safe it is.

    As for the cost of ticket. Use on net to book. Cathey Pacific is best coz has no cost change of return date (after you get to phil) Here they say no. But once there its different story. Last I checked the fare was about $1350 from east coast and $950 from LAX to MNL R.T. Good luck bro. Listen to me, I know what I'm talking about. Been there X20+

  • Check this post about PI in the Philippines, it might help you.

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