PI Predictive index employment test?

I applied for a job, got a first interview and look in my email to find I was send a PI (Predictive Index) Survey.

I am unsure of how to approach this and I don't want to get a bad score.


Any suggestions on how to take this?

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  • Predictive Index is designed to help employers find people who are a good fit for a specific job. There is no passing or failing, only fitting and not fitting. If you are a fit, then you are more likely to be happy and successful in the position. If you are not a fit, the opposite is true. It an assessment that helps determine a person's core attributes around Patience, Dominance, Extroversion, and Formality. It provides the company with results in each of those areas stating that you are or you are not something (example you are Patient or you aren't) based on your word selections.

    The test is completed by you picking words that describe how you believe you should be perceived at work and how you are perceived at work. you just pick words, so it is impossible to study or cheat, but if you know the job description and position you are applying for you can possibly hedge it in your favor if you think each word selection through thoroughly. Example in order to be a sales person you can't be introverted, and too patient. Also if you were to be a daycare provider you wouldn't want someone impatient, introverted, and too formal, right?

    Think about it and if you really know your personality and the position take the test with that in mind when selecting your words. Example you are applying for a position as a camp counselor here are your words. Outdoors, bed, car, hiking, gourmet. Choosing bed, car, or gourmet may not shed the best light on you. I hope this help you understand the test. I wish you all the best. Good luck

  • Predictive Index Test

  • Predictive Index Survey

  • The PI test is a load of crap. I was desperate for an engineering job, so I answered accordingly. Now years later I want to move into sales and my PI test is all wrong. I had HR send over a new test and I answered as a sales person "should" answer. Guess what... the results said I would be the salesman of the year and completely wrong for an engineering position. Completely useless test. One can not help but to think of how these answers "should" be answered for a particular job which one may be applying.

  • When you are desperate for a job and the computer says your not hirable because of this test. It is a load of crap and is contributing to the unemployment rate.

    I'm in a small town with limited employment options. This test is preventing me from even working at a mini-mart. As a result, I'm unemployed and desperate. This is why I look for cheats so that I can have food on the table and pay rent.

  • These predictive assessments are a load of crap, but nothing to worry about at all. They just want to filter out people who are completely wrong for a job, and that works in your favor. If a job is high pressure and you are laid back, you don't want the job, and you wouldn't perform well, right? You can't prepare or cheat, and why would you want to? If you are awesomely qualified for this job, then this assessment won't give you any trouble. If your experience and skills are a poor fit, you can't get the job by taking the assessment.

    Chill out, take the assessment, and send out twenty more resumes. Persistence is a million times more important than any test.

  • These tests are proven to be total ****. The reason for this is that useless HR people want to justify their existence.

    Steve jobs took this and the test said he should not be an engineer.

    If a company asks you about this move on. Don't take it. Apply somewhere else.

  • I hate these things. I have never been fired from a job. On multiple occasions I've won awards for how well I do my job, yet the only time I've ever been turned down for a job is when the company uses predictive indexes to screen candidates.

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