Please Help: Am I correctly understanding why my email was not delivered and what can I do?

I sent an email to a friend (I had not spoken to in years) to what I thought was his college email account (first initial last name@college It was returned and said this:

"Reason: LMTP transmission failure has occurred

Diagnostic code: lmtp;550 5.2.2 Delivery failed: Over quota"

Does this mean that there is a quota on how many emails can be recieved and I went over? Does it mean the account was cancelled or not in use?

Any suggestions on how to send my email or do I need to find a new email address.

4 Answers

  • Perhaps your friend stopped using this e-mail account and since then, it has been deluged with unoƿє-ṅєd e-mails to the point that his inbox has no more room.


  • Lmtp Transmission Failure

  • Lmtp Transmission Failure Has Occurred

  • yes.. that does happened to my business emails.. .. you need to got onto ur server and change it.. its very easy...

    u need to increase the size or memory for ur acct..

    good luck!!

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