please i need a paragraph about traffic jams.?

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  • In the present, the traffic jam is a big problem in the city. It has many causes such as a quantity of vehicle has increase, an accident in the road etc. This problem is hard to solve and increase appears along in third world country. The traffic jams effect to economic and society for three reasons.

    First, the traffic jam can make pollutions. It’s cause air pollution because the vehicle discharges bad gas toward in the air. In addition, the noise of engine in the vehicle can make a noise pollution.

    Second, it effect to economic of nation. The vehicle that stops on the road for a long time uses the fuel oil very much. The fuel must be imported from foreign country, so the government has to use a lot of money to buy fuel too.

    Finally, it effects to people. A bad gas of vehicle can cause many diseases for people such as lung cancer. Besides, people stay a long time in traffic jam that can make a stress for people.

    In conclusion, the traffic jam has many effects to environment and society, so we should solve or prevent this problem.

  • Paragraph On Traffic Jam

  • There are different groups of drivers. The major catagories are Drivist, Driver, vehicle operators, and non-driving (censored). The top about 0.5% are Drivists. I am one. I drive in excess of 50,000 miles per year, in all weather, road conditions and types, every state and some foriegn countries. A Drivist has no accidents (at fault). I have been rear ended several times and t-boned once, but not as a result of my neglect. Drivers make up perhaps the 95% to 99.5% range, but this is stretching it. No soccer mom qualifies as the distractions are too many, DVD's, seatbelts, spilling milk, ad infinitum. These would typically be middle-aged, kids gone, love to drive for its' own sake. Most big-rig/OTR Drivers are here. The vast majority, from 20% to 95%, are merely vehicle operators. They really have no clue. This is just a way to get from point A to B. They will jabber-jaw on the cell while driving slow in the left lane down the highway, and get upset when people pass them on the right because they have no clue. They use the turn signal randomly. They are nervous when they see a cop, and slow down way too much. They rubberneck, which causes traffic jams. The last group are the terrible ones. They have no business on the road. Anyone under 18 or over 80 is in this group. They just don't know what is going on, thinking nobody else is on the road. Anyone with a smoking car is here. Saran Wrap and Duct Tape windows longer than a few days qualify. Some soccer moms are here. 'Nuff said.

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    She sighed while unzipping her stylish black leather jacket, which she took off then dumped under the table with her handbag. After a moment of aimlessly scanning the menu, she dropped it back on the table and turned her head so she could look out the window. While resting her elbow on the table she rested a cheek on her fist, then drifted off into a little daydream. Watching the bustling sidewalks outside she saw a traffic jam hampering movement in the road.

  • Hey there! Ok, I am still learning myself, so I apologize if my fixing skills are still lacking, but I tried: s, especially the part u asked for… (i didn't change much bc i don't want it to sound different then what u meant it to sound) She sighed as she unzipped her stylish black leather jacket and took it off, dumping it under the table with her handbag. After another minute of scanning the menu aimlessly, she laid it back down on the table and turned her head so she could stare out the window. While resting one cheek on her fist and her elbow on the table, she went off into a little daydream−watching the bustling streets and the slow moving traffic jam on the road.

  • Traffic Jams are caused by congestion. It can include congestion of vehicles, pedestrians, even animals!etc,etc.

    Traffic Jams are Very annoying and stressfull to most.

  • Why are there so many off road vehicles stopped on the road in a traffic jam?

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