Predict the products of a reaction between AgNO3(aq) and KBr(aq).?

3 Answers

  • AgBr(s) and KNO3(aq)

  • it somewhat is an archtypical acid-base reaction, and the made from an acid-base reaction is often a salt. hence, the salt is the single we maximum ordinarily mean whilst we use the term, it rather is, sodium chloride or table salt. The chemical equation for the technique is HCl + NaOH ----> NaCl (salt) + HOH (water) Strictly talking, when you consider that HCl (hydrogen chloride) is in many situations ecountered as its water answer (hydrochloric acid) you have got a answer of sodium ions (Na+) and chloride ions (Cl-). the technique is stated as neutralization when you consider which you initiate off with an reliable acid and a powerful base and get a answer it rather is neither acidic or common, yet impartial (around pH 7, meaning the hydrogen ions and the hydroxide ions in answer are approximately equivalent in style). The made from a vulnerable acid with a reliable base (think of vinegar, it rather is acetic acid, with a reliable base) would be somewhat common. The made from a reliable acid with a vulnerable base would be somewhat acidic.

  • I think the products would be AgBr (aq) and KNO3 (aq).

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