Preganglionic fibers leave the cns and then synapse on

Preganglionic fibers leave the CNS and then synaps


21. Ganglionic neurons

Preganglionic fibers are the fibers connecting CNS to the

22. parasympathetic division of the ANS

Autonomic Nervous System has two divisions - 1. sympathetic
nervous system and 2. parasympathetic nervous system. sympathetic
nervous system have thotacolumbar flow whereas parasympathetic
system have craniosacral outflow.

23. Splanchnic nerves

Splanchnic nerves are the visceral nerves which carry fibers of
ANS that contribute to neural or electrical arousal of organs

24. All of the above.

Sympathetic nervous system's function is to stimulate bodys
fight or flight response. It remains active to maintain

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