Well all Target employees are hired "seasonal" or on their probationary period of 90 days before you are a permanent employee regardless of the time of year. I am reaching my 1 month with Target or 30 days as of this friday or next friday (depending if you count orientation). I am a minor meaning I am under 18 and this job is my ticket to college so I am trying to keep this job for way longer than 90 days. HOW DO I KEEP MY JOB FOR 90 DAYS???

I was told that there are no room for mistakes. Meaning I can not have any disciplinary action against me. No write ups on my Target employee record. Great.

I was also told that my speed score has to be about "89" to be in the "green" range of speed and to get as many "Gs" or speed score reports of "100" as possible. HOW CAN I BE THAT GOOD IF I'M NEW TO RETAIL CASH REGISTERS? **THIS IS PART OF MY PERFORMANCE REPORT** !!!

The other thing that IS PART OF MY PERFORMANCE is getting as many Target Red Cards on my shift as possible. They ask that we get minimum 2 Target red card applications from Guests and 3 Target Surveys. HOW CAN I MAKE SURE THAT I GET THAT MANY?? WHAT IF NO ONE WANTS ONE? THIS IS APART OF MY PERFORMANCE REPORT!!

WILL I GET FIRED AFTER 90 DAYS FOR THIS?: The training paper that an LOD gave me only said to come in for training for 2 consecutive Fridays. I was also told that I would not be on the schedule board until those training days were over. They scheduled me anyway so I missed two days because they were not on my training paper. This is considered a "no call no show" and is an automatic termination. However, after speaking with the LOD who wrote this schedule he said I was "good" for those two missed days. On the last training day I was scheduled for training from 11am-2pm and I was late because I came in at 1130am do to public transportation. But the schedule board said I was suppose to come in at 1pm-4pm. So technically speaking I wasn't late at all.WILL THEY LOOK BACK AT THIS ON MY RECORD AT FIRE ME AFTER 90 DAYS?

I am 17 and this is the only place that would hire me at this age. I need this job. I like this job. I like working with my team.


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  • Wow...ask your boss.

  • 90 days is extra for paper work. It sincerely implies that you mustn't make plans (financial) in those 90 days assuming you'll be stored on. Most states are "at will" corporation states, meaning you're employed at will, and can also be fired/terminated for no intent what-so-ever. You used to have performance disorders. Please be sure to be as vague as feasible when giving important points. Wow. So, what's 90 days? It's a just right time for your supervisor to come to a decision whether or not you are making the reduce or no longer. You should be carrying your possess weight via then. As opposed to that, it doesn't suggest something. Similar to she mentioned. I to find it alarming that you are asking us why you are worried. Are you saying you are unable to realize your own internal anxieties, but that we should magically be competent to determine them? Wow. Just do the high-quality that you may. Ask for feedback typically. What more are you able to do?

  • Target is target. First relax and have fun. Honestly you will be kept if you stand out from your other seasonal hired workers. Even if it means a lot of *** kissing. You have to impress your team leaders and LODs because they will bring you up in meeting if you arel liked. Being that your a cashier the only way you can stand out is by gettin several red cards, picking up shifts aside from cashier (sales floor, cart attendant etc)

  • Their policy is quite clear. Just stick to the rules. They apparently only want to hire people who can meet all those expectations. I'm sure many don't make it.

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