price of Glysacorr?

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  • Is this what you're looking for a price on?

    Glysacorr ®

    Glysacorr is an inhibitor concentrate, which is added to the cooling water of internal combustion engines in cases in which the coolant does not need to be protected from freezing. It efforts excellent protection against cavitation and corrosion to all metals and alloys that are used in cooling systems.It is especially

    appropiate for the use in heavy-duty engines such as those used in trucks, on ships and lokomotives.

    It appears to be an additive made by BASF. I'm sure you've seen the commercials that BASF puts out, "we don't make things, we make things that make things better". Which basically means, you can't go to them and buy this stuff. They probably make it and package it for thier customers under a different name.

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  • Glysacorr

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