primus keys copys?

hi i work for a school and i lost 2 of my keys one to open the main door (primus key) another to open the class rooms. i went to ace and made a copy of the one that opens the class rooms, but the primus one i went to a bunch of hardware stores and home depot and they said no. what should i do i dont want to pay a whole bunch for just one key help please??????

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  • Primus


    Primus Everest

    Yes it does make a difference!

    Primus keys (most) can be duplicated.

    Primus Everest keys are restricted to the end user, in your case that would be the school.

    PLEASE UPDATE with any & all stampings, letters, numbers, or markings on the key and I’ll help you positivly identify the type of key you have! (and where it can be duplicated)

  • Any reputable locksmith will not duplicate that type of key…..BUT, you can probably get a copy at the flea market or swap meet……

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