Prydes “rebuild” vs KER “equijewel”?

I have show horses and am currently feeding equijewel - it is a great product except it makes my t/b's a lot 'fizzier' than they would be normally. I have heard rebuild does the same thing (builds topline, increases muscle and fat and improves coat condition) without the fizziness. The costs are similar so I am wondering if anyone has tried rebuild and with what results?

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  • I had to look at your question to see what you were talking about. It sound like you are talking about fating a pig. Working out a horse does what you want to do. there is no taking a short cut to get a horse ready. A lot of brushing will take care of the coat. Now I do not understand (fizzier) . Look at the tags on the bags of feed, it will tell what is in the bags. if you don't under stand the ingredient, check then out on the web. This will give you some idea if they are about the same on not. Most feed are about the same as to if you feed up your horse they are going to get a little uppity. I can not think of the word I want to use in stead of uppity.

  • Prydes Rebuild

  • Good old tbs! My new QH gets fat on free choice hay!

    No experience with those brands, but a lady i know swears by equiline>? If you have a feed dealer, ask - they're horsey nutritionists. Horse people ALWAYS have advice!

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