I can't sign into my MSN Messenger b/c of pyagcore. I don't know what it's caused by, or how to delete it, and it is REALLY bothering me. So after it tells me that it doesnt work, it says that internet explorer has stopped working. how do you delete it? I already updated my msn messenger, but that didnt help either. so please help me!!Thank you!

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  • This sounds like a virus.

    I recommend running at least 2 malware scanners before you attempt anything else.

    I suggest 'malwarebytes' first and Spybot search and destroy, both are free. Google them and you should be able to find them, no prob.

    Download malwarebytes first, install it, update it, then run a full scan, agree to it fixing ALL problems (may take a while), once done you should have control of your PC back.

    The get Spybot and repeat the proceedure with that, Spot as you can 'innoculate' your files from harm. Spybot will find and remove other nasties that Malwarebytes missed.

    This should clear up the problem.

    Just don't forget to update an run scans regularly to keep your PC safe.

  • Apparently it is some type of adware/spyware/malware etc. You need something to clean it. I recommend the AVG Free Edition 8.0. You can get it from Just type AVG Free in the search box.

    Once you get it, get the latest updates before you scan, and then do a full computer scan. It might take a while, depending on how many files you have on your computer. After the scan is done, look for the Pyagcore or whatever is happening. See if AVG fixed it. More than likely it will.

    If this doesn't work, click start-search and search for pyagcore, then delete anything that has pyagcore in the name. Don't delete sensitive files, in other words, system files. Just the Pyagcore file.

    CCleaner is free too, and it will clean up your hard drive with the first cleanup. You can get it from too.

    Hope this helps!

    Good luck!

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