What is a king fish pitbull?

2 Answers Pit bull - Two words. A title given to a Type dog to garner more money, which is meaningless. Pit bull is the common name for a type of dog. Formal breeds often considered in North America to... Read more

A worker’s success in contributing to the common good is?

5 Answers paying your way via taxes. supporting yourself &/or your family so the rest of us won't have to. showing your appreciation for even having a job. Communism! A hard day's work and a paid union due. define the... Read more

What are some different ways to spell Denise?

I like the name, but I'm not sure if I like the spelling. Any alternative spelling suggestions would be great! Thanks :o) 20 Answers Danise Dennisse Denisse Danice How Do You Spell Denise Source(s): https://shrink.im/a9w3q Denny, Denise, Dennise Honestly, I... Read more

Do you guys now that song in spanish that goes “boniqua ʙoɴᴇʀa” something like that?

I really need to know the name of this song because I'm a DJ and I've been requested it a lot of times. Please tell me the name. 2 Answers I've heard that song before, and I think it could... Read more

Bought a Fake brand system (Protechnik) need help tweaking it .?

As you can see in the pictures this is the build of a surround sound system that was given to me by a relative for free . I looked it up it's a fake brand (pro technik) Pt-625 it came... Read more

alternative to rocket dock?

I have rocket dock, but I want to put another navigation bar. I know I can't put two rocket docks, so I need a good alternative. 2 Answers I only know 2 docks that's similar to RocketDock: Object Dock and... Read more

Help, I just got my school pictures and I look so ugly…?

Every year we get a photo taken of ourselves in school. This happened some days ago. Anyway, I just recieved my photo, and I feel really ugly. I don't know why, but I look REALLY bad in the picture. My... Read more

What does a secret spell scroll do in Maplestory?

The secret spell scroll doesn't have a good description. What does it do? and what items can you use it on? 3 Answers The Secret Spell Scroll is used for Maplestory's fourth job advancement. You must either buy the scroll... Read more

How to ask a girl to the movies?

I wanna ask this girl to the movies by text message because we dont see eachother. I wanna double date if possible (Its more comfortable). How do i ask this through text. Im 14 if that helps. 11 Answers "... Read more

why do school lockers have vents?

just wondering...the only reason i could think of is that so they could smell drugs like marijuana or something...but why else? 8 Answers I'm thinking the same reason you are. Also if a kid throws some dirty gym shorts/shoes/etc it'll... Read more

a certain reaction has a delta H= -75 kJ and an activation energy of 40 kJ.?

A catalyst is found that lowers the activation energy of the forward reaction by 15kJ. What is the activation energy of the reverse reaction in the presence of this same catalyst? The answer is 100kJ, but I don't get how.... Read more

What are you trying to determine by pinging

What is a user trying to determine when issuing a ping command on a PC? A. If the TCP/IP stack is functioning on the PC without putting traffic on the wire B. If there is connectivity with the destination... Read more

at stp which element is a good conductor of electricity? (1) chlorine (2) iodine (3) silver ( my answer not sure) (4) sulfur explanation 2?

2 Answers Silver. It is the most conductive metal. Its electrons are delocalized and it only has a loose hold on its valence electron, so when you pass electricity (which is basically a stream of electrons) through silver, it gives... Read more

How much does an average magazine weigh?

specifically 17 magazine but any other is fine too thanks! 2 Answers 14.8 Kilograms three ounces Read more

Who says listen to this track bᎥτçհ?

I've heard him say it in a few songs but idk who he is. Can someone tell me his name? 4 Answers That's the producer's, Drumma Boy, drop. It's like a signature he puts on tracks he produces. I don't... Read more

If you put jello in the freezer, does it speed up the time it needs to set?

After you stir in the mix and it gets all liquidy, you have to refrigerate it for 3 minutes. If you put it in the freezer, does it speed up the time it takes to set?? 10 Answers In my... Read more

What is the meaning of “do not inventory”?

I have seen this placard in many apparel stores - "Do Not Inventory". What is the meaning of "do not inventory"? 4 Answers It means they are not part of the inventory, and counting them wll throw off the numbers.... Read more

How do you divide 78 by 132 by hand? ?

2 Answers 78 / 132 divide by 2 39 / 66 divide by 3 13 / 22 13/22 is reduced as much as possible if you want the decimal equivalent: .........0.5909 (.5909repeating 09) ......-------------- 22 | 13.0000 ........110 ........------ ...........200... Read more

what is sensormatic format in terms of DVDs?

I bid on a DVD on ebay and didn't realize it was sensormatic and i have no clue what that means. please help! 6 Answers Sensormatic refers to the security tag that has been placed inside the DVD case by... Read more

How do you make your head smaller?

I was born with a huge head, and i want to make it smaller, and i heard that wrapping your head with duct tape every day for 4 hours a day will make your head smaller but it didn't work.... Read more

All vehicles carrying passengers for hire, all buses carrying passengers and all vehicles carrying explosives?

A 5 seconds, 10 seconds B 50 feet, 100 feet C 25 feet, 50 feet D 15 feet, 50 feet 6 Answers D. Must stop at all railway crossings between 15 and 50 feet from the closest track. (unless marked... Read more

on fallout 3, where can i find surgical tubing?

for the dart gun is it relatively near tenpenny tower? 5 Answers In the Super Duper Mart in the room with the Protectron. One can be found at Minefield, near the mattress where Arkansas snipes at you. One can be... Read more

Where can I find translation of “El cisne” by Ruben Dario? or does anyone can translate for me?

Fue ne una hora divina para el genero humano. El cisne antes cantaba sólo para morir. Cuando se oyó el acento del Cisne wagneriano fue en medio de una aurora, fue para revivir. Sobre las tempestades del humano océano se... Read more

what to say when someone says “Happy Birthday!”?

It's my birthday today and I'm wondering what to say when someone says happy birthday! What I do when someone wishes me happy birthday on facebook, just saying thanks is boring. I get embarrassed when people know it's my birthday/wish... Read more

How many dozens of silver atoms are in the piece of jewelry?

If a piece of silver jewelry contains 5.13x10^22 atoms of silver (Ag). How many dozens of silver atoms are in the piece of jewelry? 2 Answers 0.4275x10^22. The number of dozens of atoms of Silver in jewelry is determined by... Read more