Songs About Loss Of Innocence?

I’m looking for slower, sad songs about loss of innocence. I’m making a book trailer for a friend and her novel is about a ɾąքҽ victim. Nothing rocky, more slow with a lamenting feel to it. zgraf–I don’t see why... Read more

how long is 1m?

24 Answers The meter is the greatest French contribution to modern life (except garlic sausage). It was originally defined as the length of a simple pendulum with a natural period of 2 seconds, then later more colloquially as 1/10,000,000 of... Read more

a storage tank contains 21.6kg of nitrogen (N2) at an absolute pressure of 3.65 atm. What will the pressure be?

a storage tank contains 21.6kg of nitrogen (N2) at an absolute pressure of 3.65 atm. What will the pressure be if nitrogen is replaced by an equal mass of CO2? 1 Answer moles of N2 = 21600g / 28g/mol =... Read more

what is the dividend of 50 monopoly?

the game monopoly 4 Answers The dividend is the amount a company paid out per share of stock, and your share of that money was $50, given by the bank. Never heard of 50 Monopoly. You may be referring to... Read more

What does MORE TO COME mean?

Join the fight for Japaneese supremecy of the world! More to come! What does MORE TO COME mean? Does it mean join more and more! Could you explain this in another words? thanks for reading and have a good day.... Read more

How do I say “I have three тᴇsтιcʟєs” in Greek?

I would also like to know how to spell it in latin an greek based alphabet. allright, I’ll let you all know why I need to know this after the question is answered, I just also need to know how... Read more

Please Help: Am I correctly understanding why my email was not delivered and what can I do?

I sent an email to a friend (I had not spoken to in years) to what I thought was his college email account (first initial last [email protected] It was returned and said this: “Reason: LMTP transmission failure has occurred... Read more


英文裡面是否有”順便….”的用法ㄋ? 是片語形式? 還是單字形式? 詞性是副詞嗎? 可以麻煩大家舉個例句嗎?謝謝喔!!! 5 Answers 是滴~下列的都是常看到的用法: 副詞片語: the way→順便一提(incidentally不經意的) ex: We shall expect you at eight o’clock; by the way, it’s an informal dinner. 我們跟你約八點唷,順便一提,這次是非正式的晚餐。 (cf.外國人吃晚餐通常都是宴會、需要穿禮服、特別打扮之類的,所以這裡的順便一提是要提醒被邀請的人ㄟ~不用穿得太正式。) passing→順便(提起) ex: menting something in passing順便提起某事。 動詞片詞: 1.drop by→順道拜訪 ex:... Read more

Any idea where Loyal is in Fallout: New Vegas?

After completing Volare!, Loyal has disappeared. He isn’t in his home, nor is he in the hanger. I’ve looked all around Nellis, and he is nowhere to be found. Any help you can give is appreciated. 4 Answers let me... Read more

What does it mean if your crush looks at you head to toe?

my crush gives me the head to toe looks a lot. do any of you know what it actually mean when a guy does that? he even stare, glance and looks at me a lot too. 32 Answers a sign... Read more

How to quit McDonald’s without notice?

I’m 15 and have 3 shifts this weekend, and I want to quit before I do any of them. I don’t care about reference and I just want to leave it in anyway I can. Should I just drop in... Read more

Organic ground beef smells and tastes like cheese? Wtf?

I bought organic grass fed ground beef from whole foods, and it literally smelled like cheese. I made hamburgers and it no longer smelled but had a mild taste of an aged cheese, like Parmesan or something. Is this normal... Read more