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On the settings menu in Skyrim, in the display menu there's a bar for HUD Opacity. What does that mean and what does it do when you toggle it down or up? Also, underneath it theres a toggle for Crosshair. What is crosshair and what does it do when toggled on/off?

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  • A crosshair is the little cross you get on your screen to show you where your blows will land. Turning it off will get rid of the crosshair so you won't know where your blows will land.

    HUD stands for "Heads-Up Display" opacity. For example, in Skyrim, the magicka, health and stamina bar at the bottom of the screen is part of the HUD. Opacity is how clear it is. The further up you move it, the clearer you'll be able to see it. The further down you move it, the less visible it will be.

  • HUD Opacity is how visible your HUD is; toggling it up will increase visibility, whilst toggling it down will have the opposite effect. Your crosshair is the HUD element in the center of your screen, which is what you use to aim with. Toggling it off removes it from the HUD.

  • The HUD is all the information that appears on the screen that is not the scenery and things in it. That includes your mini-map, compass, health gauges, and action prompts for starters. The opacity is how 'on top' of the scenery this information is. Turn opacity down and you see through these items, turn it up and they will be more prominent, but hide what is in the world.

    Crosshairs appear when you activate a weapon, spell, or bow and tell you where, approximately, your effect is going to go. With them off you will not have the aim assist, but it should increase your 'immersion' in the game.

  • The HUD opacity is the transparency of your HUD. It will either make it less, or more transparent.

    The crosshair is that thing in the middle of your screen. When toggled off, it goes away.

  • it's how translucent you want the heads-up display, ie the compass and marker at the top.

    your crosshair is...your crosshair. it's what you use to aim attacks, pick stuff up, etc.

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